Sri Lanka protests: Is it safe for tourists and what is the latest government advice?

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Sri Lanka is nether a nationwide curfew aft convulsive anti-government protests erupted crossed the state successful March.

The land federation is simply a fashionable destination among backpackers and holidaymakers, but what does the information concern mean for travellers?

Several countries, including the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, person updated their question proposal for Sri Lanka. Other countries, similar New Zealand, Australia and Ireland, person warned against “all but indispensable travel” to the south-asian nation.

What’s happening successful Sri Lanka?

Over the past fewer months, an unprecedented economical situation has led to shortages of indispensable goods similar medicine and cooking gas, arsenic good arsenic wide powerfulness cuts.

Mass demonstrations against the authorities broke retired successful precocious March, with protesters clashing with authorities supporters and equipped police. More than 200 radical person been injured and astatine slightest 8 killed during the unrest.

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned connected Monday. But protesters are besides calling for his brother, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, to measurement down. Thousands of radical person been demonstrating extracurricular his bureau successful the capital, Colombo.

Protesters person besides burned dozens of houses and cars belonging to elder politicians.

How to enactment safe

The Sri Lankan authorities announced a “state of emergency” connected 6 May. This means they person the authorization to marque information announcements - specified arsenic curfews - astatine abbreviated notice.

Make definite to cheque section quality and authoritative updates regularly, arsenic good arsenic referring to your ain government’s question advice.

Foreign governments, including the UK, person advised visitors to debar protestation areas, arsenic demonstrations person sometimes go convulsive and constabulary person responded with teardrop state and h2o cannons.

The protests person been centred astir the capital, Colombo, with respective convulsive incidents taking spot successful the Galle Face area. But beryllium cautious wherever you go, due to the fact that unrest is contiguous passim the country.

Can you spell retired successful Sri Lanka contempt the curfew?

Under the curfew, going retired and astir is not allowed.

​​Sri Lanka’s Tourism Development Authority has advised tourists to enactment successful their edifice oregon accommodation until their departure flight.

The authorities accidental travellers tin amusement their passports and hose tickets to get past the curfew connected their mode to the airport.

It’s a bully thought to cheque with your hose and taxi institution earlier mounting off, arsenic wide strikes whitethorn besides origin disruption to journeys.

Will my vacation beryllium cancelled?

Sri Lanka is often described arsenic a “year-round destination” owed to its lukewarm climate, truthful galore radical whitethorn beryllium readying a sojourn implicit the summertime months.

Despite the unrest, astir circuit operators person not cancelled scheduled trips to the country, but immoderate person changed itineraries to see much clip astatine coastal resorts, which are further distant from protestation focal points. It’s ever worthy asking the institution you booked with.

If you determine you privation to cancel your vacation yourself, carnivore successful caput that question insurers are improbable to screen you, particularly if your location state has not advised against question to Sri Lanka.

Are determination inactive COVID-19 restrictions successful Sri Lanka?

As good arsenic the information situation, it’s besides important to see ongoing coronavirus restrictions successful Sri Lanka.

Those who inactive privation to question to the state request to capable retired a Health Declaration Form and bargain COVID-19 security for astir €11.50.

Fully-vaccinated visitors don’t person to instrumentality a pre-departure PCR test, but unvaccinated travellers indispensable instrumentality tests earlier departing and upon arrival.

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