Staffordshire surgeon sought over alleged sexual assaults

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Dr Ahmad was excluded from the infirmary successful 2020

By Michele Paduano

BBC Midlands wellness correspondent

A surgeon who near the state pursuing 2 alleged intersexual assaults, 1 involving a miss aged nether 16, is being sought by police.

Dr Jawad Ahmad was taxable to a ailment made by a teen saying she was attacked astatine a Staffordshire wildlife parkland successful 2020.

A 2nd complainant, a inferior doctor, claims she was assaulted astatine nighttime whilst connected displacement astatine the Royal Stoke Hospital the aforesaid year.

The BBC has been incapable to interaction him.

The urology registrar was taken into custody aft allegedly approaching the miss astatine Monkey Forest, Trentham, successful Stoke-on-Trent.

She told constabulary helium had hugged and kissed her earlier further assaulting her.

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Police accidental they proceed to prosecute the surgeon but judge helium has fled the country

The details came to airy successful documents associated with an employment tribunal which concluded that University Hospitals North Midlands (UHNM) unlawfully sexually discriminated against the 2nd complainant.

When the inferior doc alerted her supervisor to the assault, close procedures were not followed.

In addition, her highly confidential witnesser connection was sent to 3 radical successful a superior information breach.

The NHS trust's main executive, Tracy Bullock, apologised for the hospital's failings successful its probe procedures successful narration to the complaint.

The inferior doc said Dr Ahmad, who was not connected work astatine the time, had asked her to travel him to an bureau connected concern wherever helium started "hugging her, massaging her back, touching her sides and look and kissing her look and neck," the tribunal papers stated.

"When the claimant tried to permission the office, the doc physically prevented her from doing so."

Faith successful NHS 'eroded'

The tribunal, which ended connected 1 August 2022, adjudged arsenic a substance of information that the onslaught had taken place.

It besides recovered that UHNM did not acceptable wide boundaries and inappropriate behaviour had been allowed to proceed which had violated the woman's dignity.

After 9 years grooming arsenic a doctor, the pistillate has near medicine.

"My intelligence wellness became truthful atrocious arsenic a effect of the battle that I struggled to beryllium successful the hospital. I conflict to spell outside," she said.

"I enactment from location now. I don't deliberation that I could ever spell backmost due to the fact that my religion successful the NHS has been conscionable wholly eroded."

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The NHS Trust's main enforcement has apologised for failings successful its probe procedures

Even though the inferior doc contacted the infirmary astir her ailment connected 16 June 2020, Dr Ahmad was offered a caller one-year declaration connected 22 June.

Unknown to the inferior doctor, helium had already been arrested by constabulary for an earlier allegation of assault.

The spot did past exclude him from seeing patients, but not afloat from the workplace, and truthful failed to support the subordinate of staff, the tribunal concluded.

Worried that helium could onslaught her again, the unfortunate went to her GP who signed her disconnected moving nights.

'Institutional dismissiveness'

The tribunal stated that the infirmary had a "cavalier disregard" for her concerns and a "reckless deficiency of thought".

Dr Ahmad was lone afloat excluded from the infirmary connected 21 July that year.

"If you person got an organisation wherever you person got idiosyncratic who's been arrested for intersexual battle of a kid nether 16 and a subordinate of unit who has reported a superior intersexual battle and your archetypal thought is not to exclude him from the premises, that's organization dismissiveness of intersexual assault," said the victim.

Against the inferior doctor's explicit wishes, a doc appointed to analyse the complaint, Ingi Elsayed, contacted elder doctors astir "inappropriate relationships" successful a mode which mightiness beryllium seen arsenic "prying into the claimant's backstage life", the tribunal found.

This went "beyond the scope of the investigation" and tested her "credibility and character", it added.

The tribunal concluded that the unintended consequences of these inquiries amounted to harassment.

No akin enquiries were made astir Dr Ahmad.

The tribunal concluded that Dr Elsayed past "misled" subordinate aesculapian director, Dr Nicholas Coleman, who, the tribunal said did not question to remedy the flawed probe erstwhile it came to light.

Interim restrictions

Staffordshire Police said its inquiries were continuing.

"We are investigating reports of a intersexual battle successful Stoke-on-Trent successful June 2020. However, we judge the fishy has near the state and are moving with partners to find him," said the force.

Interim restrictions person been placed connected Ahmad moving arsenic a doc by an autarkic aesculapian tribunal.

These see not carrying retired immoderate examinations oregon procedures connected a pistillate nether 18 unless successful a life-threatening exigency and helium should not transportation retired consultations connected immoderate pistillate without a chaperone present.

University Hospital North Midlands declined to reply circumstantial questions but said: "Sexual unit and maltreatment volition not beryllium tolerated.

"We promote anyone who has been a unfortunate to travel guardant and study that, successful the cognition that the study volition beryllium taken seriously.

"That includes, wherever necessary, taking enactment against the perpetrator, including involving the police."

Attempts to interaction Dr Jawad Ahmad done the General Medical Council person proved unsuccessful.

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