Star Wars star Mark Hamill helping warn Ukrainians of Russian air strikes

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Star Wars prima Mark Hamill is lending his dependable to an aerial raid alert app to pass Ukrainians of incoming Russian bombardments.

"Attention. Air raid alert," helium says successful the calming, omniscient mode of his celebrated quality Luke Skywalker.

"Proceed to the nearest shelter.

"Don't beryllium careless. Your overconfidence is your weakness."

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Hamill's Skywalker dependable is an enactment successful the Air Alert app, which is linked to Ukraine's aerial defence system.

Whenever assistance raid sirens commencement to blare retired successful the war-torn country, for everything from missiles to deadly drones, app users who person acceptable Hamill arsenic their preferred dependable volition perceive him contented his Jedi-style warnings.

'May the Force beryllium with you'

The 71-year-old histrion said helium wanted to beryllium progressive arsenic the struggle reminded him of the Star Wars saga successful which outgunned rebels negociate to decision an evil empire.

"A fairy communicative astir bully versus evil is resonant with what's going connected successful Ukraine," helium said.

"It's intolerable not to beryllium inspired by however they've weathered this storm."

Hamill besides announces erstwhile aerial alerts are over, signing disconnected with "may the Force beryllium with you".

One user, Olena Yeremina, a concern manager successful Kyiv, said it was "a precise chill operation for this situation".

"Sometimes this operation reminds maine to straighten my shoulders and support working," the 38-year-old added.

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Star Wars 'inspires people'

Bohdan Zvonyk, 24, from the occidental metropolis of Lviv, said helium utilized Hamill's dependable to assistance amended his English.

And it helps that he's a Star Wars instrumentality too.

"We could usage a small spot of the powerfulness that Hamill wishes us," helium said.

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The app was co-developed by Ukrainian information systems shaper Ajax Systems.

It hopes Hamill's prima powerfulness volition promote much radical to download it - adding to the 14 cardinal who already have.

Hamill said: "It does animate people. Everyone flashes backmost to being six years aged again.

"And if the movie tin assistance radical get done hard times, truthful overmuch the better."

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