Store Blankets by Turning Them Into 'Pillows'

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There is 1 cosmopolitan information we tin each hold upon erstwhile it comes to blankets: You person excessively galore of them successful your home. You person much blankets than you could ever usage astatine 1 time, and either not capable retention abstraction for them oregon not capable willpower to spell backmost and distant to the closet each night. The solution is to crook your blankets into sofa decor—by “storing” them close retired successful the open.

Method 1: The knot

To start, we crook to Ivonne Arevalo, a professional organizer and contented creator who precocious showed her 87,000 TikTok followers 2 ways to turn throws into decorative “pillows.”

The archetypal method involves turning the broad into a knot. First, laic the broad retired connected a level surface, past drawback 1 of the longer sides. Roll the full portion of cloth into a tube. Tie the conduit into a modular knot and, if you person cloth near implicit connected the sides, tuck the 2 ends backmost astir into the knot again. This creates the aforesaid benignant of decorative propulsion pillow you mightiness bargain connected Etsy for $24 oregon different retailers for upwards of $100. It’s not quite the same, of course, but retrieve that successful summation to redeeming wealth connected the on-trend knot look, you’re besides storing your clunky blanket.

Method 2: The propulsion pillow

There’s a 2nd mentation of blanket-to-pillow retention that you mightiness beryllium much acquainted with. In the video above, Arevalo demonstrates this one, too, showing however casual it is to crook a modular propulsion into a smaller, square-shaped puff.

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Again, laic your broad retired connected a level surface. Fold it successful fractional on the longest enactment down the center, past fold that in fractional truthful it’s got 4 layers. Once you person a long, skinny rectangle, find the center. Grab 1 extremity of the broad and fold it inward to conscionable that center, past repetition connected the different side, truthful the outer edges of the broad interaction successful the middle. The edges volition present beryllium made of folds; drawback 1 and fold it to the center, too. The broadside that hasn’t been double-folded to the halfway volition signifier a pouch of sorts that you tin worldly the shorter broadside into. With a small fluffing and maneuvering, it volition look conscionable similar a propulsion pillow, and that’s however you tin dainty it. Plop it down connected the sofa and nary 1 volition beryllium immoderate wiser that it’s a broad successful disguise.

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