Stranger Things play set more than 20 years before series to open this year

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Stranger Things has been a immense deed ever since it launched successful 2016, taking viewers backmost to the 1980s and besides into the alternate magnitude of the "Upside Down".

A 5th play is successful the works and is expected to beryllium the last TV sojourn to the fictional municipality of Hawkins, Indiana - but fans volition inactive beryllium capable to get their Stranger Things fix.

A caller play, Stranger Things: The First Shadow, acceptable much than 20 years earlier the events of the deed sci-fi series, volition travel characters Jim Hopper, Bob Newby and Henry Creel erstwhile they were younger.

 The First Shadow which volition  unfastened  successful  precocious   2023 astatine  the Phoenix Theatre successful  London

Image: Creators Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer and bid writer and co-executive shaper Kate Trefry

The West End amusement is written by TV bid writer and co-executive shaper Kate Trefry and directed by The Crown's Stephen Daldry.

Producers person revealed a fewer details astir the play, saying the communicative volition unfastened successful 1959 successful Hawkins arsenic a young Hopper's car fails to commencement and Joyce Maldonado - who viewers volition cognize arsenic Joyce Byers successful the TV bid - tries to postgraduate and leave.

New pupil Creel is besides introduced, producers said. His household find "a caller commencement isn't truthful easy... and the shadows of the past person a precise agelong reach" - arsenic the opening of Stranger Things "may clasp the cardinal to the end".

'Can't hold to spot you nerds successful London!'

Matt and Ross Duffer, who are the creators, directors and enforcement producers of the Netflix series, said: "You volition conscionable endearing caller characters, arsenic good arsenic precise acquainted ones, connected a travel into the past that sets the groundwork for the aboriginal of Stranger Things.

"We're dying to archer you much astir the communicative but won't - it's much amusive to observe it for yourself. Can't hold to spot you nerds successful London."

Greg Lombardo, vice president of unrecorded experiences for Netflix, said: "Stranger Things has captured the imaginativeness of fans astir the satellite and we are incredibly thrilled to grow this breathtaking beingness with Netflix's archetypal unrecorded signifier production."

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In the TV series, constabulary main Hopper is played by David Harbour, Sean Astin played Radioshack manager Newby and Jamie Campbell Bower and Raphael Luce portrayed Creel.

Details of erstwhile tickets volition spell connected merchantability volition beryllium announced successful April.

The play opens successful precocious 2023 astatine the Phoenix Theatre successful London.

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