Taiwan president condemns California church shooting

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Taiwan’s president has condemned the shooting astatine a Taiwanese religion successful California by a antheral reportedly driven by hatred of the island, portion a lawmaker from her ruling enactment questioned whether Chinese propaganda was a motivating origin down the violence.

Tsai Ing-wen’s bureau issued a connection Tuesday saying she condemned “any signifier of violence”, extended her condolences to those killed and injured and had asked the island’s main typical successful the US to alert to California to supply assistance.

David Chou, 68, of Las Vegas, was expected to look successful California authorities tribunal connected Tuesday connected suspicion of execution and attempted murder. Police said helium hid firebombs earlier Sunday’s shooting astatine a gathering of mostly aged Taiwanese parishioners astatine the religion successful Orange County, extracurricular Los Angeles.

One antheral was killed and 5 radical wounded, the oldest of whom was 92. A national hatred crimes probe is ongoing.

Chou, a US citizen, seemingly had a grievance with the Taiwanese community, constabulary said. Chou was calved successful Taiwan successful 1953, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported, citing the caput of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office successful Los Angeles, Taiwan’s de facto consulate successful the city.

According to Taiwanese media, Chou had ties to a Chinese-backed organisation opposed to Taiwan’s independence, though details could not instantly beryllium confirmed.

China claims Taiwan arsenic its ain territory to beryllium annexed by unit if indispensable and regularly denounces Tsai, her ruling Democratic Progressive enactment and their overseas supporters.

Tsai Ing-wen, the president   of Taiwan
Tsai Ing-wen, the president of Taiwan. Photograph: Walid Berrazeg/SOPA Images/REX/Shutterstock

Tensions betwixt China and Taiwan are astatine the highest successful decades, with Beijing stepping up its subject harassment by flying combatant jets toward the self-governing island.

In Taiwan, the DPP legislator Lin Ching-yi said successful a connection connected her Facebook leafage that “ideology has go a crushed for genocide”.

Lin said Taiwanese needed to “face up to hateful code and organisations” backed by China’s ruling Communist party, singling retired the United Front Work Department that seeks to beforehand China’s governmental docket successful Taiwan and among overseas Chinese communities.

The US is Taiwan’s main governmental and subject state though it does not widen the land ceremonial diplomatic ties successful deference to Beijing.

Bi-khim Hsiao, Taiwan’s de facto ambassador, connected Monday tweeted that she was “shocked and saddened by the fatal shooting astatine the Irvine Taiwanese Presbyterian religion successful California”.

“I articulation the families of the victims and Taiwanese American communities successful grief and commune for the speedy betterment of the wounded survivors,” Hsiao wrote.

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Chou’s hatred toward the island, documented successful handwritten notes that authorities found, appears to person begun erstwhile helium felt helium was not treated good portion surviving there.

A erstwhile neighbour said Chou’s beingness unraveled aft his woman near him and his intelligence wellness had declined.

Chou’s household appeared to beryllium among the astir 1 cardinal refugees from mainland China who moved to Taiwan astatine astir the clip of the Communist expanse to powerfulness connected the mainland successful 1949.

The erstwhile Japanese colony had been handed implicit to nationalist Chinese regularisation successful 1945 astatine the extremity of the 2nd satellite war, and relations betwixt mainlanders and autochthonal Taiwanese were often tense.

Separated by connection and lifestyle, incidents of bullying and confrontation betwixt the sides were frequent. Many mainlander youth, who were concentrated successful the large cities, joined convulsive organised transgression gangs with ties to the subject and Chinese concealed societies, successful portion to support themselves against Taiwanese rivals.

The Presbyterian religion is the astir salient of the Christian dominations successful Taiwan and was intimately identified with the pro-democracy question nether decades of martial instrumentality epoch and aboriginal with the Taiwan independency cause.

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