Tesco suppliers must raise standards to avert death of River Wye, say campaigners

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River campaigners are calling for urgent enactment from Tesco to instantly rise standards wrong its poultry and ovum suppliers successful the Wye valley, arsenic they accidental the stream is astatine hazard of ecological collapse.

The supermarket elephantine is the largest lawsuit of the main ovum and poultry producers based successful the area. Campaigners accidental it holds the cardinal to redeeming the stream from irreparable ecological deterioration caused by precocious phosphate levels from excrement produced by intensive chickenhearted farming.

In a missive from its lawyers to elder Tesco executives, the run radical River Action said: “It is unacceptable for a nationalist retailer similar Tesco to enactment (and so require) intensive chickenhearted accumulation astatine the disbursal of, and without respect to, the wellness of section environments, including the rivers connected which communities including their farmers depend.”

Tesco is the biggest lawsuit of Wye vale ovum shaper Noble Foods and chickenhearted shaper Avara Foods. The biology campaigners accidental since the supermarket elephantine switched to Avara arsenic its main supplier of poultry successful 2019, the nutrient proviso institution has expanded its poultry mill successful Hereford to conscionable the demand. Avara past period applied for support to grow its hatchery successful Shobdon and is waiting for a determination successful the adjacent fortnight.

A lorry astatine  Avara foods. Hereford
Tesco switched to Avara Foods arsenic its main supplier of poultry successful 2019. Photograph: Alexander Turner/The Guardian

The Wye vale has go 1 of Europe’s largest concentrations of intensive livestock production. Poultry accumulation has soared, with much than 20 cardinal birds housed wrong permitted intensive poultry units alone, each of which holds much than 40,000 birds. Water prime passim the catchment continues to neglect existent standards owed to precocious phosphate concentrations. Evidence from Lancaster University probe suggests determination are 3,000 tonnes of excess phosphorus caused by agriculture successful the Wye valley.

Paul Withers, prof of catchment biogeochemistry astatine Lancaster University, successful grounds to a parliamentary inquiry, said the phosphorus surplus successful the Wye catchment is astir 60% greater than the nationalist average, due to the fact that of the ample amounts of livestock manure being produced locally. Poultry is the ascendant livestock successful the area.

Leigh Day, lawyers for River Action, said successful its letter: “Evidence demonstrates that if these problems proceed to beryllium ignored, the River Wye volition look ecological deterioration beyond a authorities of repair. High phosphate levels creating algal blooms volition proceed to suffocate stream life, destroying biodiversity and wildlife.

“With lone a abbreviated play of clip near to prevention it from ecological death, it is present wide to our clients that Tesco is playing a cardinal relation successful what volition yet go the decease of the River Wye … it is paramount Tesco steps up and leads the mode successful driving alteration crossed the stream catchment, alternatively than risking what could go a nationalist ungraded if clip runs retired to prevention the Wye.”

River Action said erstwhile communications with Tesco 18 months agone had not led to immoderate enactment from the supermarket giant. It is calling for Tesco to rise the biology standards of its proviso chain. It wants to spot Tesco springiness a committedness to scope Leaf Marque standards – a planetary assurance strategy that recognises sustainably farmed products – successful its poultry proviso concatenation by the extremity of 2022, and to audit each suppliers against agreed standards by the extremity of 2022.

It is besides calling connected Tesco to people its biology hazard assessments relating to its poultry proviso chain, and summation commitments from suppliers to alteration their practices to guarantee contamination ceases successful the contiguous future.

The River Wye
River Action says ecological decease of the Wye is connected the adjacent skyline unless Tesco raises the biology standards of its proviso chain. Photograph: Alexander Turner/The Guardian

Charles Watson, laminitis and seat of River Action, said: “The institution does not look to person registered that this stream is facing ecological illness owed to the nutrient contamination caused by the intensive poultry industry. Tesco indispensable not let itself to perchance lend to the demolition of 1 of the nation’s favourite rivers by continuing to procure its poultry products without requiring large biology improvements from suppliers.”

High levels of phosphate successful rivers origin algal blooms, which trim oxygen levels, destruct wildlife and biodiversity, causing taxon loss.

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A Tesco spokesperson said: “Protecting and maintaining h2o prime and biodiversity successful our proviso chains is an important constituent of the enactment we bash with our suppliers, and we privation to play our portion successful ensuring the extortion of the River Wye, alongside different actors crossed the nutrient industry.

Together with our partners WWF, we person straight funded the enactment of the Wye & Usk Foundation to tackle h2o contamination successful the area. They enactment straight with our suppliers connected implementing nature-based solutions, including histrion planting, arsenic good arsenic supporting farmers to trial soils and instrumentality on-farm champion signifier that each assistance trim contamination successful the River Wye.

“We proceed to prosecute with suppliers and stakeholders crossed each cultivation sectors successful the region.”

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