The Best New Keyboard Features in iOS 17

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Your iPhone’s keyboard conscionable got a batch better, acknowledgment to a fistful of updates that just shipped with iOS 17. Apple claims it improved galore aspects of the keyboard that thin to beryllium frustrating to use, specified arsenic autocorrect (thank goodness) including the quality to curse without issue. (About ducking time, Apple.) Here’s everything that’s changed successful your iPhone’s keyboard with iOS 17.

It’s easier than ever to swear

Although determination are ways to halt autocorrect from censoring you, nary are amended than iOS 17's built-in explicit connection handler. Apple says your iPhone tin present adhd curse words to your idiosyncratic vocabulary and retrieve the kinds of words you usage successful antithetic apps. If you thin to usage a wide assortment of colorful connection and alteration it crossed antithetic apps, past your iPhone keyboard volition retrieve and suggest those words accordingly. That way, your keyboard doesn’t suggest the aforesaid types of messages for your champion person that it does for your boss.

Better autocorrect suggestions

Apple claims to person improved 1 of the top annoyances that each iPhone idiosyncratic faces: autocorrect. Autocorrect successful iOS 17 should springiness amended connection suggestions and beryllium capable to close full sentences. It besides underlines words it changes, which makes it casual to spot wherever you mightiness person made a mistake (or wherever you’d similar to revert to what you had primitively written).

Improved autocorrect accuracy

Autocorrect successful iOS 17 is besides overmuch much close than before, according to Apple. Use the keyboard arsenic you usually would, and autocorrect suggestions should beryllium improved crossed the board. In years past, autocorrect accuracy has sometimes declined implicit time. One tin lone anticipation that the accuracy remains precocious aft a fewer months of utilizing iOS 17.

In-line predictive text

Building disconnected these intelligent features, iOS 17 present offers in-line predictive text, similar you’d find successful Google Docs. If iOS thinks it tin implicit your condemnation for you, you’ll spot those words look faintly. Tap them to adhd them, oregon disregard them to benignant immoderate you want.

More transliteration keyboards

Particularly for Indian languages specified arsenic Hindi, iOS has built-in transliteration keyboards which let you to usage Latin characters arsenic well. iOS past suggests the corresponding words successful the autochthonal language, truthful you tin prime the close words quickly. This allows speakers of these languages to benignant overmuch faster successful their autochthonal languages. iOS 17 adds transliteration keyboards for Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu.

Better keyboards for galore languages

QuickPath, the keyboard diagnostic that allows you to swipe to type, present works with much languages—Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Polish, and Romanian. Predictive substance enactment has been added for Hebrew, Polish, and Romanian too. Finally, multilingual keyboards are present disposable for Polish, Romanian, and Turkish.

A handwriting keyboard for Japanese

The Japanese keyboard present lets you gully characters and converts it to text. This is beauteous useful, arsenic the Japanese publication has thousands of characters and sometimes it’s faster to gully the 1 you’re looking for.

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