The Best Way to Grill That Last Bit of Summer Corn

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Haters volition accidental grilling play is coming to a close, but autumn is really my favourite clip to grill, due to the fact that lasting successful the blistery prima adjacent to a blistery grill benignant of sucks. Corn season, however, is rapidly dying down, which means you request to grill that past spot of saccharine maize earlier it disappears for the year.

As you whitethorn oregon whitethorn not know, I emotion saccharine maize truthful much, I often eat it raw, which is not lone legal, but delicious. In presumption of cooked preparations, grilled is astir apt my favorite, though radical tin get a small weird and precious with it. There’s often overmuch treatment and hand-wringing implicit however you “prepare” the maize for the grill. Do you permission the husk on? Do you wrapper it successful foil? Do you get really precious and soak oregon brine it? Luckily, the champion method is the simplest: Just propulsion the bare cob straight implicit the blistery coals oregon flames.

Doing truthful really lets the kernels spot immoderate vigor and make that “grilled” flavor. As Meathead Goldwyn points retired successful his nonfiction connected the subject, each that brining and wrapping doesn’t effect successful existent grilled corn, but steamed corn:

Boiling, microwaving, and steaming marque tender, juicy corn. But grilled maize is muuuuch much flavorful. Yes, it is simply a spot chewier, but I don’t mind. When grilled, the sugars caramelize, adding a extent of spirit nary different method tin produce. And erstwhile I americium talking astir grilling corn, I americium not talking astir the fashionable method of soaking the corn, husk and all, successful h2o and past grilling it successful the husk. Or putting it successful foil. This is steamed corn, not grilled corn, and you bash not get each the flavors you get erstwhile it is grilled nekkid.

Besides, if your grill is blistery enough, it won’t instrumentality precise agelong to cultivate that beauteous charred and caramelized flavor, truthful the chances of truly drying retired the kernels are slim.

For the champion grilled corn, vigor your grill to medium-high, determination successful betwixt 375°F and 425 °F. Remove the husk and each the stringy silk, and rinse the ears successful acold water. Place the maize connected the grates truthful that the cob is moving parallel to them (this makes for casual rolling). Grill until the kernels are fragrant and instrumentality connected the magnitude of colour you desire. You tin brushwood them with immoderate herb-infused food similar Meathead does here, if you like. Just support rolling them astir the grates, closing the lid for a mates of minutes astatine a time, until the maize takes connected that aureate brownish grilled colour successful spots. Serve with food and salt.

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