The Best Ways to Reuse Old Bricks in Your Yard

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Whether they’re leftover from a location betterment project, oregon you inherited them from the erstwhile proprietor of your home, you whitethorn person immoderate bricks sitting astir taking up space. But earlier getting escaped of them, see putting the bricks to usage successful your gait oregon garden. Here are a fewer ideas.

How to reuse bricks successful your yard

A batch volition beryllium connected however galore bricks you person astatine your disposal, truthful we’re going to instrumentality with comparatively smaller-scale projects, arsenic opposed to things similar gathering a plot shed. Here are immoderate of the champion ways to reuse aged bricks successful your yard.

Edge landscaped areas

Use the bricks to borderline flowerbeds, mulched areas astir trees, oregon your lawn. There are a fewer antithetic options: You tin spot the bricks on the perimeter truthful they’re casual to move; you tin excavation a shallow, brick-sized trench and put them truthful they’re inlaid successful the soil; oregon you tin marque it much permanent, and use cement.

Build raised plot beds

Old bricks are besides large for gathering raised plot beds, which service a function, portion adding ocular involvement to your yard. This guide walks you done the process constructing them.

Make stepping stones

If you’re affluent successful bricks, you tin usage them to pave a pathway oregon patio. But adjacent if you’re not, you whitethorn person capable to make a fewer stepping stones done portion of your gait oregon garden.

Create a occurrence pit

Spend much clip lounging outdoors astir your precise ain backyard occurrence pit, made utilizing repurposed bricks. As acold arsenic DIY projects go, this 1 isn’t excessively difficult. In fact, according to these instructions, you tin get it done successful an afternoon, and don’t request to usage mortar oregon concrete.

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