The Biggest New Features in Microsoft's Upcoming Windows 11 23H2 Update

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Microsoft conscionable announced Windows 11 23H2, the adjacent large bundle update for your PC. The institution promises implicit 150 caller features successful this update, galore of them AI focused. While we request to hold until the update drops to cheque retired each and each caller change, let’s speech astir the ones Microsoft highlighted successful its announcement today.

Copilot is present integrated with Windows 11

By acold the biggest announcement was Copilot. Now, if that sanction sounds familiar, that’s due to the fact that Microsoft already had an AI work called Copilot that worked with its suite of apps. After the 23H2 update, however, Copilot volition beryllium integrated crossed each of Microsoft’s services.

Built connected the aforesaid tools arsenic Bing Chat, Copilot works with Windows 11 and Microsoft 365, arsenic good arsenic connected the web with Edge and Bing. You tin deliberation of it arsenic a souped-up AI mentation of Cortana (RIP). That means it’s some a standalone app, and straight integrated into each those services themselves. If you privation to chat with Copilot, you’ll beryllium capable to occurrence up the programme from the taskbar oregon a Win+C keyboard shortcut. If you person requests portion moving successful a Windows app, you’ll beryllium capable to bring successful Copilot astatine immoderate clip without leaving your window.

There are plentifulness of examples wherever this cross-platform integration tin connection benefits: Say you unfastened a caller papers to read, but it’s way excessively agelong to instrumentality successful earlier a meeting. Ask Copilot to summarize for you wrong Word, past power to PowerPoint and inquire the adjunct to draught up a presumption based connected that summary. More generally, you tin past inquire the Copilot app to signifier your windows and cleanable up your desktop, past commencement a playlist that volition get you focused.

Copilot volition rotation retired an archetypal merchandise to PCs starting with Windows 11's upcoming update connected Sept. 26, and volition get successful Bing, Edge, and Microsoft 365 aboriginal this fall. Microsoft 365 Copilot volition besides beryllium rolling retired to Enterprise customers.

Windows 11 23H2 has plentifulness of different notable AI features

Copilot isn’t the lone caller AI diagnostic coming to Windows 11. Far from it. Microsoft announced a slew of AI enhancements, arsenic good arsenic different caller changes Windows users tin expect with the caller update.

In Photos, for example, you’ll person a caller diagnostic called Background Blur, which uses AI to intelligently blur retired the inheritance and item your subject. You’ll besides find searching to beryllium much efficient, arsenic you’ll beryllium capable to hunt for the contented and determination of a photograph stored successful OneDrive. Paint gets an AI overhaul too, with AI tools for drafting and creating, arsenic good arsenic a inheritance removal tool, layers, and “Cocreator,” an AI representation generator to heighten your creations.

When taking screenshots, you’ll beryllium capable to transcript and paste substance successful your representation to different apps, arsenic good arsenic redact immoderate substance you don’t privation others seeing. Also, you’ll person the tools to grounds audio from some the root and your mic during surface recordings and edit those recordings successful Clipchamp, which volition diagnostic “auto compose,” providing AI-generated editing suggestions.

Outlook gets an upgrade this clip astir t00: The message app volition fto you link to email services similar Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud and more, and you tin instrumentality vantage of AI tools to assistance trade your emails arsenic good arsenic connect files from OneDrive.

When penning successful Notepad, you’ll ne'er request to manually save, arsenic the app volition routinely prevention immoderate you do. Close retired whenever you want, and reopen to prime up wherever you near off. The aforesaid goes for immoderate unfastened tabs, unsaved content, and edits.

Microsoft has updated File Explorer with a caller look, including upgrades to home, code bar, and hunt box. Microsoft says you should present beryllium capable to collaborate connected files with others without ever having to unfastened it. You’ll besides spot a caller Gallery enactment which should marque looking done your photos easier. There’s besides upgrades to Windows Backup which effort to marque moving from 1 PC to different a smoother experience.

Windows 11 finally supports RAR and 7-zip natively, and volition present travel with a new measurement mixer that makes it casual to some set the measurement outputs for idiosyncratic apps arsenic good arsenic power audio outputs. (Windows Insiders already person these features, but they’re officially connected the mode with Windows 23H2.)

If you person a PC with a stylus, you’ll besides beryllium capable to constitute successful immoderate substance container successful Windows, and a caller diagnostic called “Ink Anywhere” volition person your handwriting into text.

When does Windows 11 23H2 travel out?

Microsoft plans to motorboat the large 23H2 update for Windows 11 connected Tuesday, Sept. 26. Head to Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and take “Check for updates” connected Tuesday to download and instal the update erstwhile it drops.

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