The day that could define Rishi Sunak – podcast

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When Rishi Sunak stands up successful the House of Commons today, helium volition bash truthful arsenic 1 of the astir fashionable chancellors of the exchequer successful caller memory. But conscionable astir everything seems to person travel casual to Sunak: from being caput lad astatine his backstage school, to getting a archetypal people grade astatine Oxford, to making a luck successful the City, marrying the girl of a billionaire and past being parachuted successful to William Hague’s harmless Conservative seat, helium has made each measurement of his emergence to the furniture look utterly straightforward. Even his wide derided Instagram posts are polished successful their execution.

Nor could the pandemic, and the immense and intimidating challenges it posed, contiguous immoderate existent menace to his image: aft all, not overmuch volition marque a person much fashionable than promising to warrant voters’ incomes erstwhile they are stuck astatine home. But now, adjacent arsenic Sunak’s sanction is mentioned ever much often arsenic a apt aboriginal premier minister, that seemingly indestructible popularity whitethorn look its archetypal existent test. As the authorities seeks to crook the leafage connected the pandemic, helium has been an progressively vocal advocator for choky fiscal controls – and, galore say, his Thatcherite impulses are present coming into nonstop struggle with Boris Johnson’s.

If so, Wednesday’s fund whitethorn beryllium the governmental lawsuit that tells the nationalist who Sunak volition beryllium successful the aboriginal – and, by extension, however we tin expect the authorities to navigate the adjacent signifier of the betterment from the coronavirus crisis. In this episode, Michael Safi talks to governmental exertion Heather Stewart about however Sunak reached this point, and however his narration with the premier curate volition beryllium a cardinal diagnostic of the remainder of this parliament. And we perceive from economics exertion Larry Elliott astir what the extended trails of the fund person told america astir what it volition incorporate – and what nasty surprises whitethorn inactive prevarication ahead.

Rishi Sunak extracurricular  10 Downing Street.
Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP
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