The Lesser-Known Apps Everyone Should Install on a New Windows PC

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One of the champion parts of buying a caller PC is deleting each the bloatware and replacing it with your favourite programs. Of course, you astir apt person a database of apps you instal by default. But if you lone instrumentality with what you know, determination are apt immoderate hidden gems you’re missing retired on. Here are 16 specified apps everyone should download connected a caller PC.

First, the essentials

Some apps are truthful ubiquitous that you won’t request overmuch convincing, truthful I’ll propulsion those retired determination first. They are

  • Firefox: Although Chrome and its derivatives person taken implicit the internet, we inactive urge Firefox for its fantabulous equilibrium betwixt caller features and privacy. Get these add-ons, and you’ll ne'er look back.
  • VLC Media Player: If you ticker videos connected your PC, you should get VLC Media Player. It plays each video record you tin propulsion astatine it, and has been rock-solid for decades.
  • 7-Zip: It’s the champion app to compress and decompress files (for astir people). 7-Zip is free, and supports each fashionable compression formats specified arsenic zip, rar, and 7z.
  • SumatraPDF: This is simply a accelerated and lightweight PDF reader. Get this if you don’t privation your browser to unfastened each PDF files.
  • IrfanView: If you privation an representation viewer, look nary further than IrfanView. It besides has immoderate basal batch processing and editing capabilities.


Whether it’s a caller instrumentality oregon a cleanable instal of Windows connected your aged computer, PatchMyPC is simply a must-have. It shows you a database of utile apps and lets you prime the ones you privation connected your PC. Once selected, you click 1 fastener and PatchMyPC installs each apps successful 1 go.

It besides installs these apps successful the background, truthful you tin proceed to enactment oregon play connected your PC without immoderate interruptions. Even if you’ve already acceptable up the machine, you tin ever usage PatchMyPC to update each of your apps quickly. It adjacent updates apps automatically that necessitate a manual instal each clip they merchandise a caller version.

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Microsoft PowerToys

Microsoft PowerToys is simply a acceptable of tools that adds precocious features, specified arsenic model management, locating your rodent cursor quickly, and a Spotlight-like hunt relation to your PC. Take the clip to spell done its suite of tools to find the ones you’ll usage the most. We person a useful database to assistance you with that, too.


Portmaster is simply a utile firewall app that lets you halt apps and services from phoning home. In practice, it shows you a database of apps that are contacting assorted servers connected the net and allows you to halt them from doing so.

Some of these connections instrumentality spot to cheque for app updates and different utile tasks, but immoderate of these pings are unnecessary, too. You tin easy cheque and artifact these utilizing Portmaster. The app besides allows you to take privacy-friendly DNS services specified arsenic Cloudflare DNS oregon AdGuard DNS, which volition artifact trackers and malware automatically.


Everything is simply a escaped app that massively speeds up hunt connected your Windows PC by indexing the names of each the files connected your computer. It returns results fast. If you retrieve a definite record sanction oregon record type, but aren’t definite wherever you saved the papers connected your PC, Everything volition assistance you find it quickly.


Want an upgrade implicit Windows’ default screenshot tool? ShareX is everything you’ll ever need. It doesn’t look great, but it works incredibly good and is precise configurable. You tin acceptable up ShareX for analyzable workflows, specified arsenic uploading screenshots to aggregate unreality locations astatine once, oregon usage it to simply store screenshots to your clipboard.

The app besides supports surface recordings, capturing GIFs, and scrolling screenshots. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by its tools, check retired our usher to configuring ShareX with ease.


If you person a idiosyncratic room of music, you should cheque retired MusicBee. It’s large astatine helping you negociate and play songs from your ain euphony collection. I’ve been utilizing it to watercourse high-resolution audio files disconnected a location server and it has been a large acquisition truthful far. The app is beauteous speedy astatine adding ample libraries and adjacent scans the room rapidly erstwhile you adhd caller music.


Calibre is the champion app for bibliophiles, particularly for those who ain an ebook reader. It tin negociate a ample room of ebooks and person them to the close formats for astir each ebook speechmaking instrumentality retired there.

It works particularly good with Kindle, and you’ll find yourself utilizing it to nonstop each of your ebooks from your PC to the ebook reader. Calibre is besides a susceptible ebook speechmaking app for those who similar speechmaking books connected their PC.


If you privation a bully escaped penning app for Windows, effort Obsidian. It has a neat interface, including a useful distraction-free penning mode. The app supports Markdown, which makes it large for those who people their words online.

You tin besides usage Obsidian arsenic a journaling app, and you tin larn much astir that from this guide.


Everyone should usage a password manager, and Bitwarden is the champion escaped enactment for astir people. Its escaped tier has astir each the features you’ll ever request from a password manager, and the app is disposable connected each fashionable platforms, which means that your passwords volition beryllium accessible connected each of your devices.

If you don’t already usage a password manager, it’s hard to find a amended enactment than Bitwarden. If you’re consenting to wage for a amended app interface connected Apple devices, papers storage, and amended password-sharing features, past 1Password is an fantabulous alternative.


FXSound is simply a large escaped equalizer and measurement power app. It sports plentifulness of utile equalizer presets that optimize dependable output for assorted types of audio. For example, its movies preset automatically boosts dialog measurement and reduces different sounds. Many modern films, for immoderate inexplicable reason, diagnostic incredibly debased dialog volume, and FXSound lets you hole this easily.


You should ever support a bootable USB thrust lying around, due to the fact that you ne'er cognize erstwhile you’ll request it. In lawsuit your machine is infected oregon if its hard thrust crashes, you tin usage the bootable USB thrust to footwear into your preferred operating strategy and troubleshoot issues.

Ventoy is simply a large app for this, due to the fact that it requires you to format the USB thrust lone once. From there, you tin transcript arsenic galore OS disk representation (iso) files arsenic you want, and you’ll beryllium capable to footwear into immoderate of the operating systems you’ve copied to the drive.

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