The Rise of Exclusive, Application-Only Gym Memberships

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A caller harvest of luxury gyms requires referrals, interviews and even, successful immoderate cases, aesculapian evaluations. And that’s earlier paying a monthly interest of up to $2,750.

A pistillate   stretches connected  a foam roller successful  a acheronian  gym abstraction  with a disco shot  hanging supra  her.
Ghost, a gym successful Williamsburg, is portion of a caller harvest of luxury fittingness centers requiring an extended exertion process. “If you’re making widgets successful Akron, Ohio, they whitethorn not privation you,” said the laminitis of different gym.Credit...Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

March 25, 2023, 5:00 a.m. ET

Remember erstwhile anxious fittingness enthusiasts had to wait a fewer months for their Pelotons to arrive? Or erstwhile cycling devotees were outraged erstwhile SoulCycle classes filled up successful 42 seconds? Those were the bully aged days.

Today, those coveting a lavish workout acquisition whitethorn bash everything abbreviated of getting connected their knees and begging to beryllium accepted into application-only gyms. In the past 4 years, astir a twelve fittingness centers (though immoderate owners whitethorn similar to telephone them “wellness destinations” oregon “social wellness clubs”) person opened nationally that necessitate letters of referral, long-winded applications, interviews and a heavy dive done your societal media to determine if you are acceptable to beryllium fit.

In June, Cori Zigman decided she wanted to articulation Heimat, a fittingness nine that had opened successful Los Angeles that month. So the 44-year-old existent property developer went connected a circuit and filled retired an exertion which included questions astir whom she knew astatine Heimat and what her societal media handles were. Then she waited. And waited. And waited.

Nearly a period passed earlier Ms. Zigman received an acceptance missive — but immoderate of her friends who besides applied didn’t.

“It was awkward,” she said. “It felt similar everyone wanted a membership, but they conscionable weren’t handing them out.”


At Ghost, memberships necessitate an application, an in-person interrogation and an interior reappraisal process.Credit...Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

Ms. Zigman forked over $350 per month for rotation and Pilates classes, a co-working space, a pool, astrology workshops, a nap room, a brackish sauna and more. Her friends are inactive waiting to larn their fate.

Sebastian Schoepe, the president and main enforcement of RSG Group North America, which owns Heimat, said helium was precise circumstantial astir the types of radical helium wanted — and didn’t privation — successful his fittingness center.

“For those that look astatine a gym arsenic a selfie opportunity, a spot solely dedicated to performance-oriented grooming oregon a workout that needs to beryllium done, you tin astir apt find a gym that’s much affordable that tin present those things,” Mr. Schoepe said. “We are not looking to bring successful radical who support to themselves and don’t spot the worth of mingling with like-minded people.”

Instead, helium said, Heimat welcomes “people who cultivate that ethos of mindfulness with their chap members.” Those radical thin to beryllium successful their aboriginal to mid-30s, arsenic evidenced by Heimat’s halfway constituent.


At Remedy Place, memberships (if you tin get one) outgo $595 to $2,750 per period and connection everything from cryotherapy, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a lymphatic compression suit and more.Credit...Benjamin Holtrop

Prospective members astatine Remedy Place, a “social wellness club” that opened successful West Hollywood successful 2019 and successful the Flatiron territory of New York successful 2022, indispensable spell done an exertion process and an interview.

Memberships scope from $595 to $2,750 per period and connection everything from cryotherapy, I.V. drips, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, a lymphatic compression suit, meditation classes, dependable baths and more.

“We’re looking for radical who are a bully practice of the brand, and they should animate others to instrumentality attraction of themselves,” said Dr. Jonathan Leary, the laminitis and main executive, who besides described the mean subordinate arsenic a young nonrecreational successful their 30s. Remedy capped memberships astatine 200 successful Los Angeles and 300 successful New York, but Dr. Leary declined to accidental what percent of radical who applied were accepted oregon supply the fig of radical presently connected its hold list.

He did, however, effort to picture what makes the cleanable Remedy member: It’s someone, helium said, “who volition radiance agleam and assistance thatch radical the changes that request to happen.”

The “who” for a bulk of these gyms tends to beryllium “cool” radical successful general, said John Atwood, the managing spouse of Atwood Consulting successful Boston, which specializes successful wellness clubs.

“If you’re making widgets successful Akron, Ohio, they whitethorn not privation you, adjacent if you person an flat successful New York,” said Mr. Atwood, comparing the enactment process to however exclusive nine bouncers take radical to participate their venues. “They’re looking for chill people.”

“Cool,” however, has a somewhat antithetic mentation depending connected the gym.


Credit...Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

At Ghost, which opened successful Williamsburg successful 2019, members are accepted if they are “thought leaders, creatives, founders oregon executives,” said Aqib Mamoon, the gym’s main enforcement and founder, though helium added that his “wellness destination” is not exclusive to immoderate profession. Memberships, which outgo up to $300 a month, are constricted and necessitate an application, an in-person interrogation and an interior reappraisal process.

And astatine Forma Pilates, a workplace with locations connected the Upper East Side, SoHo and Los Angeles, wherever rank is by referral only, the extremity is to person a “tight-knit assemblage of like-minded individuals including but not constricted to entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, celebrities, pre- and postnatal mothers and more,” said Liana Levi, the proprietor and founder.

Mr. Atwood, the consultant, said the exclusive gym conception emerged aft the improvement of discount gyms versus the boutique clubs. Low-cost gyms specified arsenic Planet Fitness and XSport Fitness, which complaint astir $49 for monthly memberships, are highly profitable concern models due to the fact that they cram arsenic galore radical into the gyms arsenic possible. Then on came boutique fittingness centers similar Barry’s Boot Camp (about $40 per class) oregon Orange Theory (about $150 per month), which paved the mode for exclusive upscale clubs.



Monarch Athletic Club, based successful West Hollywood, is different example. To join, an applicant indispensable person a aesculapian valuation and a carnal therapy and grooming appraisal — each done in-house — which Dr. Ryan Greene, Monarch’s managing spouse and main aesculapian advisor who specializes successful osteopathic medicine, describes arsenic “a fewer layers of checkpoints.”

Once an applicant gets past those “checkpoints,” they whitethorn beryllium invited to wage a rank interest of $595 to $2,000 per month. At the apical tier, members person unlimited idiosyncratic grooming and carnal therapy, I.V. therapy, entree to their physicians, crystal baths, radical fittingness classes and saunas.

Dr. Greene said that portion wellness is simply a cosmopolitan right, helium decided to marque Monarch, which opened successful January 2020, an exclusive nine due to the fact that helium wanted his members to beryllium proactive. Some people, helium said, judge that since they are paying a premium, they tin conscionable amusement up and presume that their sessions volition beryllium booked for them with white-glove service. Those aren’t the benignant of radical helium wants, helium said. Instead, Monarch is seeking a assemblage of like-minded radical who are motivated to get well. And to motion up for their ain sessions.


Ghost’s abstraction successful Williamsburg includes sofas to unbend one’s sweaty assemblage connected and a locker country that feels similar a spa.Credit...Hiroko Masuike/The New York Times

Some person tried the exclusivity model, however, lone to find that inclusivity draws a larger crowd. The Ness, a trampoline and cardio boutique fittingness abstraction connected the borderline of Tribeca and Chinatown successful New York, opened successful 2019 arsenic referral-only.

“If you were having a meal party, you wouldn’t station your code connected a flyer and plaster it each implicit municipality arsenic an unfastened invitation,” said Colette Dong, the founder. “You would curate a radical of friends that you deliberation mesh good together.”

But 2 years later, Ms. Dong said, she opened immoderate of her classes for nationalist booking.

This spring, erstwhile the Ness is readying to motorboat its 2nd carnal determination successful Bridgehampton, N.Y., Ms. Dong said she was going to effort again arsenic invite-only.

“This creates a amended assemblage and environment, which is truly important erstwhile you’re moving retired for the archetypal time, coming backmost into your regular oregon trying to instrumentality to a goal,” Ms. Dong said. “You conscionable don’t privation to bash it successful beforehand of a clump of strangers.

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