The Time Traveller’s Wife musical sets a date for London’s West End

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A philharmonic based connected Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveller’s Wife, with euphony and lyrics by Dave Stewart and Joss Stone, volition unfastened successful London’s West End this autumn.

The bestselling novel, astir an creator whose husband’s familial upset sends him hopping betwixt past and future, was adapted arsenic a movie successful 2009 and became a 2022 TV bid that was axed aft 1 season. The caller signifier production, archetypal performed successful Chester past year, is “like thing you’ve ever seen” said Stewart, praising its illusions created by Chris Fisher whose past shows see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

When helium was approached astir the project, Stewart said his archetypal thought was: “Wow, clip question – it’s analyzable capable doing a musical!” Dealing with the logistics of the communicative was eased by his gathering with playwright Lauren Gunderson who wrote the script. “She benignant of acted each the parts successful beforehand of me. That’s what sold me.”

Writing a philharmonic during the lockdowns of the Covid-19 pandemic made it a “fractured” acquisition said Stone, whose erstwhile collaborations with Stewart see the SuperHeavy medium successful 2011. “But it worked – it gave america much clip to beryllium with things, mull them over. It wasn’t each accelerated and furious.”

Joanna Woodward arsenic  Clare David Hunter arsenic  Henry successful  The Time Traveller’s Wife astatine  Chester Storyhouse successful  2022
Joanna Woodward arsenic Clare David Hunter arsenic Henry successful The Time Traveller’s Wife astatine Chester Storyhouse successful 2022

The philharmonic was archetypal announced successful 2021, prompting Niffenegger to tweet: “Should I cognize astir this?” The show’s accumulation squad “immediately brought her in” and the novelist “really liked it” said Stewart who doesn’t expect immoderate large changes to the accumulation since its tally astatine Storyhouse successful Chester. Stewart was contiguous for that premiere but Stone, who gave commencement successful the US soon aft the musical’s run, lone precocious heard the afloat music. “I’m excited to spot it successful the flesh,” she said.

It is Stone’s archetypal acquisition of moving connected a musical. “Originally I thought it would beryllium a antithetic situation musically. You ideate it to beryllium precise stiff – ‘This is the mode we bash it’ – due to the fact that of each the different moving parts. But it wasn’t – it was truthful overmuch fun.” She anticipates performing versions of the songs for The Time Traveller’s Wife successful her ain solo concerts. “I See Her is 1 of my favourites – the approach, the timing, the mode it’s sung is precise antithetic [in the musical]. It’s bigger, brighter, louder and clearer due to the fact that it’s a signifier performance.”

Stone rapidly adapted to the nonstop process of rewriting songs to acceptable musicals. Learning to termination your darlings is portion of it, explained Stewart whose archetypal West End philharmonic was an adaptation of the movie Ghost successful 2011. Making a philharmonic is “complicated and ne'er ending – adjacent erstwhile you’re connected signifier it carries connected being altered” helium said. His archetypal signifier philharmonic was an “extreme, raunchy, S&M version” of the cult sci-fi movie Barbarella, staged successful Vienna successful 2004.

The philharmonic of The Time Traveller’s Wife gives greater bureau to the quality of Clare (played by Joanna Woodward other David Hunter) than the movie mentation did. Gunderson, who is America’s astir produced playwright, “is large astatine penning for women” said Stone. “She enactment a antithetic position connected it to the movie which was astir this feline and his clip travel.” Stone enthused astir the acquisition of penning songs for Clare who inspired her due to the fact that she “has to find her ain independency – that’s a precise almighty happening for anybody to embrace, antheral oregon woman”. She related, too, to the story’s exploration of artistry. “If you’re an artist, you request to marque stuff. I’m not penning songs each time due to the fact that I can’t bash that with the kids needing maine [she has 2 young children] but I americium baking a lot, perpetually cooking, due to the fact that I similar making things.”

An archetypal formed signaling of The Time Traveller’s Wife volition beryllium produced aboriginal successful the year. The amusement begins its tally astatine the Apollo theatre, successful London’s West End, connected 7 October.

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