The U.S. aid agency deploys two search and rescue teams to Turkey.

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Europe|The U.S. assistance bureau deploys 2 hunt and rescue teams to Turkey.

The 2 units, based successful Virginia and California, are the lone specified teams successful the United States that enactment internationally. They articulation the thousands of rescuers from Syria and Turkey already there.

Members of the Los Angeles County Fire Department preparing for deployment to Turkey connected  Monday.
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Mike Ives

  • Feb. 7, 2023, 1:50 a.m. ET

The United States Agency for International Development said connected Monday evening that it was deploying 2 specialized hunt and rescue teams arsenic portion of the authoritative American effect to the deadly earthquake successful Turkey and Syria, adding to the thousands of rescue workers trying to scope the devestated region.

The 2 county-level municipality hunt and rescue units, based successful Virginia and California, are the lone specified teams successful the United States that enactment internationally, Anthony Marrone, the interim main of the Los Angeles County Fire Department, said astatine a quality conference connected Monday evening.

Both person acquisition responding to earthquakes astir the world, including successful Japan, Mexico and Nepal.

The United States is one of respective countries that said it would dispatch rescue teams to the earthquake zone, including Britain, India, Israel and respective nations from the European Union.

The 78-member squad deploying from Los Angeles County to Turkey volition see not lone firefighters, but besides paramedics, rescue specialists, physicians and structural engineers from different agencies, Chief Marrone said. He said the squad members were traveling with dogs that are trained to find radical nether rubble.

“They are going to enactment their lives connected the line,” helium said. “Make nary uncertainty astir it. I commune for their information and their return, and the information that tin really marque an impactful quality for the radical that are suffering.”

The different American squad traveling to Turkey is based successful Fairfax County, Va., and is astir the aforesaid size. Samantha Power, the U.S.A.I.D. administrator, said successful a statement connected Monday that the California and Virginia teams would beryllium portion of a larger catastrophe effect squad that is moving with the Turkish authorities.

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