This Free App Unlocks Hidden Features on Your PC

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Wintoys is simply a must-have Windows app that makes it casual to find the astir utile tools connected your PC. From clearing junk files and speeding up your computer, to helping you restart the graphics operator oregon adjacent repair corrupted thumbnails, Wintoys makes galore of these antecedently hidden features easy accessible...and it’s free.

When you unfastened Wintoys, the app shows you the astir important specs related to your computer, including your processor, RAM, graphics card, and existent mentation of Windows. It besides tells you however galore apps are installed; what percent of processor, graphics, and representation are successful use; and however galore processes are running.

Wintoys besides lets you region unwanted apps and execute immoderate basal cleanup to velocity up your computer. To get started, click the Apps tab successful the near pane to uninstall programs you don’t need, past spell to the Services tab and scan each moving processes. There’s an “i” fastener adjacent to each work that tells you what it does. The app besides has a filter called “Unnecessary,” which helps you spot services that aren’t essential. You tin work much astir these and halt them if you want.

The Boost tab besides has tons of performance-related options. For example, Startup Apps lets you rapidly halt unwanted apps from starting erstwhile you crook your machine on. You tin besides look astatine ocular settings and gaming settings to optimize your PC for performance.

Finally, you tin besides cheque retired the Health tab and click “Declutter” to region junk files.

Using Wintoys for repair and maintenance

Wintoys’ Health tab has tons of utile options to assistance you troubleshoot problems, and the Repair relation makes it casual to entree communal tools specified arsenic the strategy record checker (SFC) and cheque disk (CHKDSK) without utilizing the bid prompt. You should besides usage the Updates enactment to configure however you privation Windows to download updates.

This tab besides has 2 different utile options that let you to restart the graphics operator and rebuild the icons cache connected your PC. The erstwhile helps if you’re seeing problems specified arsenic show flickering issues, portion the second is bully for erstwhile thumbnails aren’t loading correctly connected your computer.

Find hidden settings

Windows has plentifulness of hidden settings pages that either fto you alteration utile features oregon disable annoyances. Wintoys has a Tweaks tab that puts galore of these successful 1 place. You tin get started by focusing connected Privacy and Ads, arsenic these person settings to support your data. Many of these features are acceptable to stock information astir you by default, and you tin disable astir each of them nether these 2 menus.

The Desktop paper besides lets you fell icons from the desktop and set the prime of your wallpaper. You’ll besides find the File Explorer paper utile for enabling things like showing record sanction extensions oregon revealing hidden files. You tin besides alteration the default leafage for Windows Explorer from “Quick Access” to “This PC” oregon “Downloads.” Similarly, the System paper has tons of utile features specified arsenic God Mode, which places an icon connected your desktop that tin amusement a database of implicit 200 further settings.

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