This Sensor Helps You Match Any Paint Color, and It’s 40% Off

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Image: Nix Sensor

Being a DIY redecorating fanatic is rewarding until you stumble astatine the decorativeness enactment choosing the close colors for your projects. Or possibly you’re trying to interaction up an already painted partition and you conscionable can’t get the shadiness to look right.

This gadget tin help: The Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor can scan virtually immoderate aboveground to cod and lucifer its color. And until May 31, you tin get 1 for $60, aorund 40% disconnected the regular $99 price.

Digitize real-world colors

Here’s however it works: Pair the Nix Mini to the Nix Paints oregon Nix Digital app connected your Android oregon Apple smartphone. Use it to scan a aboveground and the Nix Paints app volition find matches among thousands of brand-name overgarment colors. If you request to interaction up walls successful your location but you aren’t definite what colour they are, bring retired the Nix Mini sensor to get an close reading.

You tin besides usage the Nix Mini to stitchery colors from the existent world—like the ones you find successful nature—and usage them successful your adjacent project. The Nix Digital app converts shades to sRGB, HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors truthful you tin prevention and signifier them for aboriginal reference. The app besides includes societal features, truthful you tin stock your saved colors with friends and household and get their opinions connected the colour palette for your adjacent country remodel.

Accurate readings

The shaper claims you tin scan immoderate surface—painted walls, vinyl, leather, plastic, fabric, dyes, and more—though you whitethorn tally into occupation taking an close speechmaking of surfaces that are multicolored oregon astir textured.

However, you tin trust connected close colour readings erstwhile dealing with smooth, unicolor surfaces. The Nix Mini has uses its ain pre-calibrated airy root to instrumentality a reading, blocking retired each ambient light. That means you tin scan a partition successful a poorly lit country and inactive get close results.

If you’re a hardcore DIYer oregon originative mind, the Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor could beryllium a utile instrumentality for your adjacent project. Through May 31 astatine 11:59 p.m. PT, you tin get 1 for $59.97 (regularly $99), nary coupon needed (though prices whitethorn alteration astatine immoderate time).

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