This Swedish holiday island could be on the verge of Russian invasion

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As Sweden ponders joining NATO, a distant vacation destination successful the Baltic Sea is erstwhile again bolstering its defences.

Known arsenic a paradise isle of unspoiled wilderness and sandy beaches, Gotland has agelong been a fashionable abrogation spot for galore Swedes.

Complete with Viking-age settlements and iconic stone formations, the 170-kilometre outcrop attracts implicit two cardinal visitors each twelvemonth to bask the bid and simplicity of land life.

But conscionable implicit 3 decades ago, the holiday hotspot served a acold antithetic purpose.

Strategically located conscionable 300 kilometres from the location of Russia's Baltic Fleet, it acted arsenic a cardinal deterrent against Soviet expansion.

And arsenic tensions surrounding Sweden’s projected exertion to NATO grow, the Scandinavian federation is rebuilding its subject beingness connected Gotland erstwhile again.

"There volition beryllium much soldiers and much enactment connected Gotland,” says Colonel Magnus Frykvall, commandant of the Gotland Battalion.

“We person to physique a bigger and amended subject capableness owed to the existent situation."

Will Russia onslaught Sweden’s vacation island?

Sweden - alongside Finland - is expected to uncover successful the coming days whether it volition inquire to articulation the NATO subject alliance.

Coming retired successful favour of joining would beryllium a historical improvement for either nation. Sweden has avoided subject alliances for much than 200 years, portion Finland adopted neutrality aft being defeated by the Soviet Union successful the Second World War.

Earlier this week, Russia warned of terrible consequences if either federation were to articulation the alliance. But arsenic Putin’s warfare successful Ukraine continues, galore Gotland locals are anxious to support their federation astatine each costs.

"People are a spot worried, but we're trying to support everybody calm,” says Camilla Selander, a deli-counter idiosyncratic who has joined the island's Home Guard.

“We speech astir what is happening there, but we conscionable archer each different that it's going to beryllium fine.”

In a wood adjacent Visby, Camilla and her chap volunteers compression disconnected shots from nine-millimetre pistols handed retired during people practice. For now, the firing scope remains the lone progressive subject tract connected Gotland, but memories of the island’s combative past are wide for each to see.

“One 1000 instrumentality weapon nests were built present astatine the commencement of World War Two,” says Lars-Ake Permerud, a retired service officer.

“We had instrumentality weapon and cannon defences each astir the island."

Many of those artefacts are present connected show successful subject museums, and the retired servicemen who curate the exhibitions are good alert of Gotland’s strategical significance.

"This is an craft carrier,” says Rutger Banholtz, erstwhile caput of the Home Guard.

"He who sits connected Gotland controls ample parts of the Baltic Sea."

Will Sweden and Finland articulation NATO?

While Sweden says it does not judge Russia has plans to onslaught Gotland, Putin’s penetration of Ukraine has forced the federation to rethink its information policy.

NATO membership provides information successful numbers, promising unilateral extortion for each subordinate states.

Both Sweden and Finland are expected to determine whether to use to the 30-nation confederation successful May. Finland's President Sauli Niinisto is expected to springiness his enactment connected 12 May, portion Sweden’s ruling Social Democratic Party is expected to denote its determination aboriginal this week.

Watch the video supra to find retired much astir Sweden’s paradise island.

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