Ticket details for Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool released

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Tickets for 9 unrecorded shows for this year's Eurovision Song Contest volition spell connected merchantability adjacent week.

It volition instrumentality spot successful Liverpool successful May aft the UK was chosen to big the contention connected behalf of the war-torn 2022 winners, Ukraine. The UK came 2nd successful past year's contest.

Fans hoping to spot 1 of six previews and 3 televised shows astatine the Liverpool ACC volition request to caput to Ticketmaster's website from noon connected Tuesday.

Prices for tickets scope from £30 to £290 for the semi-final shows and from £80 to £380 for the expansive last shows.

The main lawsuit of Eurovision - the expansive last - volition instrumentality spot connected Saturday 13 May, kicking disconnected astatine 8pm. There volition beryllium 2 semi-finals beforehand - 1 connected Tuesday 9 May and 1 connected Thursday 11 May.

Fans request a Ticketmaster relationship earlier they tin bargain tickets - for 1 amusement astatine a time.

The contention volition aerial connected the BBC and volition beryllium hosted by vocalist Alesha Dixon, Ted Lasso histrion Hannah Waddingham and Ukrainian vocalist Julia Sanina alongside comedian and speech amusement host, Graham Norton.

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Thousands of tickets for the opus contention volition beryllium allocated to displaced Ukrainians surviving successful the UK.

Around 3,000 tickets for those who fled their location state erstwhile Russian troops invaded past February volition beryllium subsidised by the authorities and volition outgo £20.

After Ukrainian folk-rap radical Kalush Orchestra won Eurovision successful 2022, the state was owed to hole to big this year's contention but organisers ruled it would beryllium unsafe to big owed to the war.

Instead, the runner-up - the UK - was invited to enactment arsenic host.

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Liverpool to big Eurovision

The past clip the Eurovision Song Contest was held successful the UK was successful 1998.

Outside the authoritative Eurovision shows, determination is simply a two-week taste festival successful Liverpool called EuroFest, which volition see escaped events and spot collaborations betwixt artists successful the UK and Ukraine.

Commissions see The Blue And Yellow Submarine Parade by The Kazimier, described arsenic an outdoor, underwater oversea disco with hundreds of performers, euphony and a immense glitterball jellyfish.

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