TikTok has matchmaking service for staff to play cupid for co-workers

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TikTok has an interior matchmaking work for employees to present their colleagues to friends and household members, it has been revealed.

The channel, called Meet Cute, sits connected the workplace instrumentality utilized by thousands of TikTok employees astir the satellite for papers hosting, video conferencing. It besides helps radical find a imaginable romanticist spouse from among their colleagues.

On the platform, which was archetypal reported by Forbes, employees tin advertise their family, friends oregon acquaintances to colleagues, with a provender of posts that amusement accusation that emblematic dating apps would show, specified arsenic tallness and weight. The work besides allows employees to remark connected the posts and measure the radical who travel up connected the feed.

In the Meet Cute introduction, it notes: “The institution is not liable for mediating disputes.”

The platform, which sits successful the institution intranet forum called ByteMoments, is utilized mostly by employees based successful China, but unit crossed the satellite usage ByteMoments to bash their regular jobs.

A spokesperson who spoke to Forbes said the Meet Cute relation was “specifically designed arsenic an optional offering for mainland China employees” and that a method bug allowed employees successful different countries to usage the channel.

The transmission has a enactment that warns employees to not station the idiosyncratic accusation of unit and a reminder that it is for introducing individuals extracurricular of the institution to ByteDance employees.

ByteDance successful China has not been shy astir its attempts to beryllium a matchmaker for employees. There person been erstwhile interior matchmaking services, 1 titled the 175 Project. According to the Chinese connection quality outlet Tech Planet, different tech platforms specified arsenic Alibaba, Meituan and Huawei supply dating forums oregon matchmaking services to their employees.

TikTok employees who spoke to Forbes said the company’s effort to facilitate matchmaking felt similar an “encroachment connected idiosyncratic boundaries”.

ByteDance and TikTok person been contacted for comment.

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