Tiny data centre used to heat public swimming pool

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Mark Bjornsgaard says his strategy tin prevention nationalist swimming pools thousands of pounds

By Zoe Kleinman

Technology editor

The vigor generated by a washing-machine-sized information centre is being utilized to vigor a Devon nationalist swimming pool.

The computers wrong the achromatic container are surrounded by lipid to seizure the vigor - capable to vigor the excavation to astir 30C 60% of the time, redeeming Exmouth Leisure Centre thousands of pounds.

The information centre is provided to the council-run centre escaped of charge.

Start-up Deep Green charges clients to usage its computing powerfulness for artificial quality and instrumentality learning.

Founder Mark Bjornsgaard said the institution would besides refund the leisure centre's energy costs for moving the "digital boiler" - and 7 different England pools had signed up to the scheme.

The concept, developed implicit 5 years, is comparatively consecutive guardant - the blistery lipid is pumped into a vigor exchanger to lukewarm the h2o successful the pool.

Image source, [email protected]

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Deep Green's "digital boiler" is simply a machine surrounded by mineral oil

Sean Day, who runs the leisure centre, said helium had been expecting its vigor bills to emergence by £100,000 this year.

"The concern has truly helped america trim the costs of what has been astronomical implicit the past 12 months - our vigor prices and state prices person gone done the roof," helium said.

"Looking astatine antithetic ways of however we tin prevention wealth arsenic an organisation has been awesome."

Swim England main enforcement Jane Nickerson said it was bully to spot pools "embracing innovative solutions".

Last summer, BBC News revealed 65 swimming pools had closed since 2019, with rising vigor costs cited arsenic a important reason.

'Huge problem'

Cambridge University prof of engineering and the situation Dr Julian Allwood said: "If it's a sensible thought and it saves the leisure centre immoderate money, past wherefore not?" adding information centres connected the full utilized little vigor than antecedently reported.

But ample ones tin necessitate billions of gallons of h2o and millions of pounds to support cool.

Some are adjacent built nether h2o - oregon successful caves oregon precise acold parts of the world.

And successful Danish and Swedish cities, immense information centres powerfulness thousands of homes.

"Data centres person got a immense occupation with heat," Mr Bjornsgaard said.

"A batch of the wealth that it costs to tally a information centre is is taken up successful in getting escaped of the heat.

"And truthful what we've done is taken a precise tiny spot of a information centre to wherever the vigor is utile and required."

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