Tips for Cutting Social Media Use and Being Online in a Healthier Way

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You don’t person to discontinue Instagram and TikTok acold turkey. Use these strategies — immoderate practical, immoderate much philosophical — to beryllium online successful a healthier oregon little harmful way.

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Some experts urge deleting societal media apps from phones and utilizing them lone connected desktop oregon laptop computers to bounds mindless scrolling.Credit...Matt Cardy/Getty Images

May 25, 2023, 8:58 a.m. ET

Maybe it’s a blessed couple, toes successful the sand, connected a Grecian formation vacation. Or that household who ever look to beryllium hiking together, nary 1 ever complaining astir the blistery prima and however agelong it’s going to instrumentality to get backmost to the car. Maybe it’s adjacent that cleanable meal, expertly plated connected a engaged weeknight.

These images of contentment and positivity tin easy permission immoderate who spot them connected Instagram, TikTok oregon Facebook feeling arsenic if everyone other is enjoying beingness much fully.

The United States surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, warned this week that portion societal media tin beryllium beneficial to immoderate people, grounds suggests that it whitethorn airs a “profound hazard of harm” to the intelligence wellness and well-being of children and adolescents.

Mental wellness experts accidental determination are strategies that everyone tin usage — immoderate practical, immoderate much philosophical — to prosecute with societal media successful a healthier mode and bounds harm.

Dawn Bounds — a psychiatric and intelligence wellness caregiver practitioner who was a subordinate of an American Psychological Association advisory board connected societal media and teen intelligence wellness — said she was intentional astir the accounts she follows and the videos she watches.

She likes to travel the accounts of radical who beforehand intelligence wellness and societal justice, which “fill maine up and animate me,” said Dr. Bounds, an adjunct prof astatine the Sue and Bill Gross School of Nursing astatine the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Bounds, who is Black, besides likes contented that makes her laugh, specified arsenic the relationship Black People and Pets connected Instagram.

At the aforesaid time, she avoids videos that circulate online erstwhile the constabulary sprout unarmed people, which tin beryllium traumatizing, she said. And with each of the trolls and atrocious actors online, she said, “I person nary occupation unfollowing, muting and blocking folks that I don’t privation successful my threads.”

“It’s truly astir curating the acquisition for yourself and not wholly leaving it up to these algorithms, due to the fact that these algorithms don’t needfully person your champion interests successful mind,” Dr. Bounds said. “You are your champion protector.”

Your societal media usage mightiness beryllium excessive if it is getting successful the mode of different activities similar going outside, exercising, talking to household and friends and, possibly astir important, sleeping, said Jacqueline Nesi, an adjunct prof of psychiatry and quality behaviour astatine Brown University.

Dr. Nesi recommended a much “mindful” approach, which involves “taking a measurement backmost and reasoning astir what I’m seeing.” If the contented makes you consciousness bad, she said, simply unfollow oregon artifact the account.

Being mindful of however we usage societal media is challenging, Dr. Nesi said, due to the fact that immoderate apps are designed to beryllium utilized mindlessly, to support radical scrolling done an endless watercourse of videos and targeted contented — selling clothing, constitution and wellness products — that seems to provender our desires.

When radical scope for their phones, it tin beryllium adjuvant to get “curious” and inquire “what caused maine to bash that?” said Nina Vasan, a objective adjunct prof of psychiatry and behavioral sciences astatine Stanford University.

“Am I looking for transportation due to the fact that I’m lonely?” Dr. Vasan said successful an email. “Or americium I looking to distract myself from a hard feeling?”

She suggested asking yourself: “What bash I request successful this moment, and could I conscionable this request without turning to societal media?”

After radical instrumentality banal of wherefore they are picking up their phones, they should unfollow accounts that marque them consciousness anxious and depressed oregon that little their self-esteem, Dr. Vasan said.

At the aforesaid time, they should travel much accounts that marque them consciousness good, amended their temper and marque them laugh. Maybe those diagnostic cooking videos with casual steps and ingredients oregon soothing clips of swimming pools being cleaned, which person racked up millions of views connected TikTok.

“Think of these actions similar outpouring cleaning,” Dr. Vasan said. “You tin bash it today, and past should repetition these behaviors periodically arsenic possibly caller things travel up successful the quality oregon successful your beingness that are triggering to you,” oregon arsenic your passions change.

Dr. Nesi recommended that radical complaint their telephone extracurricular the chamber astatine night, not usage it an hr earlier bedtime and mostly acceptable tech-free times of the day, erstwhile they enactment their phones retired of reach. Dr. Murthy suggested that household mealtimes beryllium escaped of devices.

Experts besides recommended that radical crook disconnected notifications that ping them erstwhile an relationship they travel is updated. They tin besides delete societal media apps from their phones and usage them lone connected their desktop oregon laptop computers. That could trim the chances of coming down with a atrocious lawsuit of FOMO.

Dr. Bounds said she deleted Facebook and Instagram connected her telephone aft her son, who is 20, deleted Instagram connected his phone. It helped her chopped the magnitude of clip she wasted online. “I did it erstwhile I was grant-writing,” she said. “It was a maneuver I needed to focus.”

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