Today’s Connections Hints (and Answer) for Sunday, September 17

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If you’re looking for the Connections reply for Sunday, September 17, 2023, work on—I’ll stock immoderate clues, tips, and strategies, and yet the solutions to each 4 categories. Beware, determination are spoilers beneath for September 17, NYT Connections #98! Scroll to the extremity if you privation immoderate hints (and past the answer) to today’s Connections game.

By the way, if you privation an casual mode to travel backmost to our Connections hints each day, bookmark this page. You tin besides find our past hints determination arsenic well, successful lawsuit you privation to cognize what you missed successful a erstwhile puzzle.

How to play Connections

I person a afloat guide to playing Connections, but here’s a refresher connected the rules:

First, find the Connections crippled either on the New York Times website oregon successful their Crossword app. You’ll spot a crippled committee with 16 tiles, each with 1 connection oregon phrase. Your occupation is to prime a radical of 4 tiles that person thing successful common. Often they are each the aforesaid benignant of happening (for example: RAIN, SLEET, HAIL, and SNOW are each types of bedewed weather) but sometimes determination is wordplay progressive (for example, BUCKET, GUEST, TOP TEN, and WISH are each types of lists: bucket list, impermanent list, and truthful on).

Select 4 items and deed the Submit button. If you guessed correctly, the class and colour volition beryllium revealed. (Yellow is easiest, followed by green, past blue, past purple.) If your conjecture was incorrect, you’ll get a accidental to effort again.

You triumph erstwhile you’ve correctly identified each 4 groups. But if you marque 4 mistakes earlier you finish, the crippled ends and the answers are revealed.

How to triumph Connections

The astir important happening to cognize to triumph Connections is that the groupings are designed to beryllium tricky. Expect to spot overlapping groups. For example, 1 puzzle seemed to see six meal foods: BACON, EGG, PANCAKE, OMELET, WAFFLE, and CEREAL. But BACON turned retired to beryllium portion of a radical of painters on with CLOSE, MUNCH, and WHISTLER, and EGG was successful a radical of things that travel by the twelve (along with JUROR, ROSE, and MONTH). So don’t deed “submit” until you’ve confirmed that your radical of 4 contains only those 4 things.

If you’re stuck, different strategy is to look astatine the words that look to person no transportation to the others. If each that comes to caput erstwhile you spot WHISTLER is the coating nicknamed “Whistler’s Mother,” you mightiness beryllium connected to something. When I solved that one, I ended up googling whether determination was a creator named Close, due to the fact that Close didn’t acceptable immoderate of the evident themes, either.

Another mode to triumph erstwhile you’re stuck is, obviously, to work a fewer adjuvant hints. Below, I’ll springiness you immoderate oblique hints astatine today’s Connections answers. And farther down the page, I’ll uncover the themes and the answers. Scroll dilatory and instrumentality conscionable the hints you need!

Does today’s Connections crippled necessitate immoderate peculiar knowledge?

Movie buffs volition person an easier clip with 1 of these categories than the remainder of us.

Hints for the themes successful today’s Connections puzzle

Here are immoderate spoiler-free hints for the groupings successful today’s Connections:

  • Yellow class - Tasty!
  • Green class - Expensive
  • Blue class - Famous
  • Purple class - It’s not easy!

Does today’s Connections crippled impact immoderate wordplay?

There are immoderate due names successful present that look similar dictionary words. And determination are immoderate words whose meanings don’t subordinate to each other, but that are related successful their meaning to a connection not connected the board.

Ready to perceive the answers? Keep scrolling if you privation a small much help.

BEWARE: Spoilers travel for today’s Connections puzzle!

We’re astir to springiness distant immoderate of the answers. Scroll dilatory if you don’t privation the full happening spoiled. (The afloat solution is simply a spot farther down.)

What are the ambiguous words successful today’s Connections?

  • SWANK tin mean luxurious oregon ostentatious; it’s besides the past sanction of histrion Hilary Swank.
  • DELUXE, connected galore diner menus, means that the point comes with fries. This is wholly unrelated to its meaning successful this puzzle, but I had to share.
  • UNWELL is simply a opus by Matchbox Twenty, but present it refers to virtually feeling sick.
  • BERRY is some a benignant of effect successful the culinary consciousness (strawberries, raspberries, etc.) and a morphology of effect successful the botanical consciousness (in which blueberries and bananas are berries, but strawberries are not). In immoderate case, this puzzle does not usage either meaning. This is not an edible BERRY.

What are the categories successful today’s Connections?

  • Yellow: FRUITS
  • Green: LUXURIOUS


Ready to larn the answers to today’s Connections puzzle? I springiness them each distant below.

What are the yellowish words successful today’s Connections?

The yellowish grouping is considered to beryllium the astir straightforward. The taxable for today’s yellowish radical is FRUITS and the words are: APRICOT, FIG, GRAPE, LIME.

What are the greenish words successful today’s Connections?

The greenish grouping is expected to beryllium the second-easiest. The taxable for today’s greenish class is LUXURIOUS and the words are: DELUXE, GRAND, LAVISH, OPULENT.

What are the bluish words successful today’s Connections?

The bluish grouping is the second-hardest. The taxable for today’s bluish class is BEST ACTRESS OSCAR WINNERS and the words are: BERRY, FOSTER, STONE, SWANK.

What are the purple words successful today’s Connections?

The purple grouping is considered to beryllium the hardest. The taxable for today’s purple class is WHAT “GREEN” MIGHT MEAN and the words are: ENVIOUS, FRESH, NAIVE, UNWELL.

How I solved today’s Connections

This was different pugnacious 1 for me. I saw SWANK, LAVISH, and OPULENT, and submitted them with 2 antithetic 4th items: DELUXE, and past GRAND. Both of those were “one away.” I besides saw 5 fruits, and wasn’t definite which 1 to eliminate. My accustomed strategy of jotting down imaginable groupings was not turning up immoderate insights.

I made 1 much gamble, connected the fruits. I near retired BERRY, since that was little specific, and went with APRICOT, FIG, GRAPE, LIME. That was a hit. So what could BERRY mean, too the effect and the botanical term?

I thought of Chuck BERRY. Isn’t determination besides a Chuck FOSTER? Fruits are gone, truthful I’m not reasoning of Bananas FOSTER anymore, but what astir FOSTER children and GRANDchildren?

I took an implicit stab successful the acheronian with FOSTER, BERRY, SWANK, and STONE. The 2 Chucks (or possibly Mary BERRY) on with Hilary SWANK and the lone different connection near that looked similar a imaginable past name: STONE. Amazingly, that was a hit: champion histrion Oscar winners. (Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, Jodie Foster, and—yes—Hilary Swank.)

I got the luxury words adjacent (an casual grouping erstwhile SWANK was out) and submitted the past class without immoderate thought what ENVIOUS, NAIVE, FRESH, and UNWELL had successful common. They are each related to the colour green.

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