Tories accuse Starmer of ‘flip-flopping’ over EU following claims Labour wants to undo Brexit – UK politics live

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Nicola Slawson

Nicola Slawson

The Tories person accused Keir Starmer of flip-flopping implicit the EU pursuing claims Labour wants to efficaciously undo Brexit.

The Labour person made a code connected Thursday wherever helium outlined his imaginativeness of a aboriginal UK narration with the EU, saying Labour didn’t “want to diverge”.

The Labour person was speaking astatine an lawsuit successful Canada bringing unneurotic wide and centre-left politicians, wherever helium said that “most of the conflict” since Brexit had arisen due to the fact that the UK “wants to diverge and bash antithetic things to the remainder of our EU partners”.

Speaking connected GB News connected Friday morning, the situation minister, Mark Spencer, accused Labour of obsessing implicit Brexit and said Starmer seems to marque argumentation up “on the hoof”.

He said:

We don’t truly cognize what he’s saying, he’s flip-flopping about. One infinitesimal he’s saying helium wants to person escaped movement, past the adjacent infinitesimal is saying helium wants to power our borders.

He doesn’t look to person a wide argumentation and helium seems to marque it up connected the hoof connected occasion.

I deliberation it’s precise hard to specify what helium conscionable basal for. He seems to be, to me, obsessed successful getting into powerfulness but doesn’t truly person a rule to get successful determination - and I deliberation that’s the existent information of the Labour Party.

Spencer added that we person got to admit ideology happened and that the state voted to permission the EU.

He continued:

The premier curate is delivering that Brexit and present we are an autarkic country, abstracted from the EU, but we tin inactive commercialized with them and inactive co-operate with them, but connected our ain terms.

I deliberation that’s the close relationship, the close balance.

I deliberation to support obsessing - arsenic the Labour Party bash - implicit Brexit and looking backmost with pink-tinted spectacles and talking astir pursuing their rules, I deliberation conscionable takes america backmost successful time.

We’ve got to get implicit the information that we voted to permission the European Union, we request to clasp that, marque the astir of it - arsenic we are doing - and halt looking backwards arsenic the Labour Party look to privation to do.

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