Tory MP Steve Brine faces lobbying questions after Hancock message leak

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A elder Conservative MP has been urged to basal down arsenic seat of parliament’s wellness prime committee aft a leak of text messages exchanged with Matt Hancock sparked questions astir whether helium broke lobbying rules.

According to the leaked messages from 2021, Steve Brine, a erstwhile wellness minister, said had been “trying for months” during the Covid pandemic to liaise with the NHS to prosecute anaesthetists done a recruitment institution helium worked for.

He earned £1,600 a period for 8 hours’ enactment from the institution Remedium betwixt July 2020 and the extremity of December 2021. Previously, helium served arsenic a wellness curate until March 2019.

MPs are banned from lobbying the authorities connected behalf of an organisation they person received a “reward” from for six months aft immoderate payment.

In a letter, the lobbying watchdog the Advisory Committee connected Business Appointments (Acoba) told Brine helium should “not go personally progressive successful lobbying the UK government/NHS organisations connected behalf of Remedium Partners” oregon “make use, straight oregon indirectly, of his authorities and/or Whitehall contacts to power argumentation oregon unafraid concern connected behalf of Remedium Partners”.

However, a caller tranche of leaked WhatsApp messages amusement Brine said helium had been “trying for months” to speech to the NHS to prosecute anaesthetists done Remedium.

The connection was received by Michael Gove, and forwarded to Hancock connected 2 February 2021, during the 3rd nationalist lockdown.

In it, Brine said Remedium had “50 anaesthetists close present who tin beryllium successful the state and connected the crushed successful the NHS if idiosyncratic lone said let’s assistance us”. He added: “They conscionable privation to assistance and asked maine however they might.”

Brine said helium had offered this “to health” – thought to beryllium a notation to Hancock’s section – and Simon Stevens, the caput of NHS England.

Brine added that helium wanted to assistance arsenic elder members of the authorities had talked astir an contented recruiting anaesthetists, and asked Gove: “How mightiness I advancement this oregon does the NHS conscionable not request the help?” Hancock replied a fewer minutes later: “This is already successful hand.”

A abstracted connection from Hancock’s peculiar advisor said Brine was being a “nob” and that they had been “chasing my process trying to benignant loads of worldly for him”.

On 3 February, the advisor said interaction had been made with Remedium earlier a follow-up connected 6 February that said Brine had “mentioned the Remedium issue” again.

Anneliese Dodds, the seat of the Labour party, said: “If Steve Brine has breached lobbying rules helium indispensable look the consequences. Rishi Sunak has been excessively anemic to basal up to his enactment oregon his cabinet. Will helium instrumentality the due enactment successful this case?”

The Liberal Democrats called connected Brine to measurement down from his influential relation arsenic seat of the Commons wellness prime committee.

Daisy Cooper, the party’s wellness spokesperson, said helium should relinquish the relation instantly “to let an autarkic probe to instrumentality place”.

She added: “These messages suggest Steve Brine was hopeless to assistance his firm employers whilst the state was pulling unneurotic during a pandemic, and leaves him with superior questions to answer.

“Frankly, the full happening stinks. Rishi Sunak should motorboat an autarkic probe into this damning grounds immediately.”

Brine was contacted for comment.

In a connection to the Telegraph, helium said: “This was astir responding successful the nationalist involvement to an urgent nationalist telephone from ministers and the NHS successful a nationalist situation adjacent if, ultimately, it led nowhere, fto unsocial unafraid immoderate concern for Remedium.”

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