Transport for London bans 'unhealthy' artisan cheese advert

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The mock up   featuring the 'unhealthy' food  banned by TfLImage source, Workspace

Image caption,

The mock up featuring the 'unhealthy' food banned by TfL

By Adriana Elgueta

BBC News

An advert featuring an artisan food has been banned connected London's transport web arsenic it has been deemed excessively unhealthy.

Transport for London (TfL) said that the food constituent of the advert did not comply with its advertizing standards.

Online cheesemonger Cheesegeek called the argumentation "extremely simplistic".

The posters were designed for Tube platforms and buses by concern premises supplier Workspace.

They read: "From crunching numbers to selling food online, it each happens astatine Workspace."


Edward Hancock, CEO of the artisan food start-up Cheesegeek said: "The full crushed for TfL's argumentation is to forestall puerility obesity but however they deliberation artisan food volition beforehand kid obesity is incredulous.

"We were initially fixed the go-ahead a mates of months ago, but astatine the extremity August, we were told to archer them the saturated abdominous contented of the food successful the picture, and they came backmost saying it violated their standards.

"It is highly frustrating and simplistic mode of categorising food. It suggests TfL passengers aren't intelligent capable to recognize the complexities of a balanced diet."

The transport web was the lone spot Workspace had planned to advertise arsenic it lone operates crossed London.

Other foods banned connected TfL adverts see olive oil, pesto and soy sauce.

Image source, Workspace

Image caption,

The advert was planned to beryllium utilized connected buses and Tube platforms

Mr Hancock said: "What seems highly unfair is that intoxicant is allowed to beryllium advertised connected the network, arsenic good arsenic tons of different unhealthy food.

"We spent months moving connected this and it's incredibly frustrating."

TfL said advertised foods could beryllium considered for an objection if determination was due grounds that the merchandise did not lend to precocious fat, brackish and sweetener diets successful children.

A TfL spokesperson added: "The advert does not comply with our advertizing policy, which uses the Food Standards Agency's (FSA) exemplary to specify foods that are precocious successful fat, sweetener and salt.

"The remainder of the advertizing run for Workspace was deemed compliant and 4 antithetic creatives volition beryllium moving connected our network."

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