Trump warrant: Prosecutors oppose releasing search evidence

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The US Department of Justice says releasing details astir the warrant utilized to raid Donald Trump's Florida location past week could origin "irreparable damage" to its investigation.

It wants to support the affidavit, a tribunal papers showing the grounds required to get the warrant, nether wraps.

FBI agents searched Mar-a-Lago to find retired if Mr Trump improperly handled authorities records erstwhile helium near office.

It was the archetypal clip an ex-president's location was raided successful a transgression probe.

Eleven sets of classified files were recovered from the hunt 1 week agone astatine the property successful Palm Beach, according to the warrant, which was released connected Friday.

Now, respective quality organisations person applied to person the affidavit unsealed.

But prosecutors said connected Monday that specified a determination would "cause important and irreparable harm to this ongoing transgression investigation".

"If disclosed, the affidavit would service arsenic a roadmap to the government's ongoing investigation, providing circumstantial details astir its absorption and apt course, successful a mode that is highly apt to compromise aboriginal investigative steps," they wrote successful a tribunal filing.

They besides said the affidavit indispensable enactment sealed due to the fact that the enquiry involves "highly classified materials".

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US lawyer general: I personally approved Mar-a-Lago hunt warrant

On Monday, Mr Trump said the FBI took 3 of his passports during the raid - a measurement that would ordinarily lone beryllium taken if investigators deemed a fishy a formation risk.

"This is an battle connected a governmental hostile astatine a level ne'er seen earlier successful our Country. Third World!" Mr Trump posted connected his societal media platform, Truth Social.

A instrumentality enforcement root aboriginal confirmed to CBS News - the BBC's US spouse - that passports belonging to Mr Trump had been taken by investigators connected 8 August.

In an email from the justness section to Mr Trump's team, an authoritative said: "We person learned that the filter agents seized 3 passports belonging to President Trump, 2 expired and 1 being his progressive diplomatic passport" - and that they had been made disposable for pickup connected Monday.

US media reports suggest the passports person present been returned.

The FBI hunt has triggered an aggravated backlash from Trump allies, with galore demanding the affidavit beryllium publically unveiled.

Republican Senator Mike Rounds told NBC connected Sunday: "The justness section should amusement that this was not conscionable a sportfishing expedition, that they had owed origin to spell successful and to bash this, that they did exhaust each different means."

Congressman Jim Jordan, an Ohio Republican, told Fox News that 14 FBI agents had travel guardant to him to stroke the whistle connected purported politicisation astatine the justness department.

Search warrants typically indispensable beryllium signed disconnected by a judge, erstwhile prosecutors person demonstrated they person probable origin to judge a transgression has been committed.

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Donald Trump's Florida location Mar-a-Lago

The warrant utilized successful the Trump raid was made nationalist connected Friday - a highly antithetic determination during a transgression investigation, which Attorney General Merrick Garland said was down to "substantial nationalist interest".

In Monday's tribunal filing, prosecutors cited threats against the FBI arsenic different crushed to support the affidavit from nationalist view.

"Information astir witnesses is peculiarly delicate fixed the high-profile quality of this substance and the hazard that the revelation of witnesser identities would interaction their willingness to co-operate with the investigation," said the tribunal filing.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security issued a memo connected Friday nighttime to instrumentality enforcement astir the state noting an "increase successful convulsive threats posted connected societal media against national officials".

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