TV tonight: a life-affirming story about Bradford’s amateur film-makers

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Storyville: A Bunch of Amateurs

10pm, BBC Four

Here, we peek down the curtain of a Bradford movie nine (who proudly telephone themselves a clump of amateurs), successful documentary-maker Kim Hopkins’ lukewarm and heartfelt ode to the aureate property of cinema. Battling to support their dreams alive, the ageing film-makers acceptable retired to remake the classical Hollywood philharmonic Oklahoma! The radical members – including eightysomething retired carpenter Colin – and fortysomething Phil who is simply a carer for his member – are bonded by creator folly, and their life-affirming reflections are contrasted with the sombre world of hardship. Danielle De Wolfe

Beyond the Yorkshire Farm: Reuben & Clive

9pm, Channel 5

This week’s graft includes a super-sized stonework task – successful fact, it’s the business’s biggest chromatic works task to date, utilizing granite to physique a 30-ft adust chromatic partition and pathway. Luckily, Clive has plentifulness of experience, but Reuben needs to inquire his dada for a helping hand. HR

Between the Covers

7pm, BBC Two

A publication nine without wine? “We did person it, until Hugh Dennis got sloshed and tried to breakdance successful play two.” Sara Cox’s well-behaved guests contiguous – Gabby Logan, Ade Adepitan, Kerry Godliman and Tom Read Wilson – sermon Take My Hand by Dolen Perkins-Valdez and Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively. HR

Jamie’s Easy Christmas

8pm, Channel 4

We’ve conquered crispy duck and noodles – present let’s tackle thing a small much traditional. Everyone and their equine has a instrumentality for making the cleanable roasties: here’s the Oliver method. Plus, a gravadlax starter, ways to spruce up the turkey and sprouts, and a unsocial instrumentality connected that reliable favourite, yorkshire pud. Ali Catterall

How to Crack the Class Ceiling

9pm, BBC Two

Amol Rajan and Nadhim Zahawi
Amol Rajan talks to Nadhim Zahawi successful How to Crack the Class Ceiling. Photograph: Samuel Palmer/BBC

In the concluding portion of Amol Rajan’s probing of the UK’s people problem, the writer speaks to Rob Powell, who is connected a ngo to marque classism amerciable nether the Equality Act. Nadhim Zahawi – the curate for equalities for astir 2 months this twelvemonth – disagrees with Powell, but struggles to explicate the reasons down his stance. HR

Tokyo Vice

10.40pm, BBC One

Whisper it: pb Ansel Elgort – convincingly self-involved arsenic gaijin hack Jake – is the weakest nexus successful this different compelling transgression series. Thankfully, this occurrence dives into the astonishing backstory of hostess Samantha (Rachel Keller) earlier things footwear disconnected betwixt brooding young yakuza Sato (Shô Kasamatsu) and his mentor. Graeme Virtue

Film choice

 First Contact
Full metallic menace … Alice Krige and Patrick Stewart successful Star Trek: First Contact. Photograph: Paramount/Allstar

Star Trek: First Contact (Jonathan Frakes, 1996), 6.50pm, Film4
This 1996 instalment is arguably the champion of the 10 “original” Star Trek films (all present showing connected Film4) arsenic it reunites the Next Generation pack with their astir implacable foe, the Borg. Picard et al spell backmost successful clip to 2063 to prevention Earth from being “assimilated”, thereby allowing the archetypal warp formation and humanity’s archetypal interaction with aliens. Given a bigger fund than the TV show, manager (and co-star) Jonathan Frakes brings retired the afloat metallic menace of the Borg, with Alice Krige arsenic their queen a seductive foil to the honourable Patrick Stewart. Simon Wardell

Live sport

World Cup football: Argentina v Croatia, 6.15pm, ITV1 The archetypal semi-final, successful which Lionel Messi’s Argentina instrumentality connected Luka Modric’s Croatia; the 2nd semi-final, France v Morocco, is connected BBC One connected Wednesday.

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