TV tonight: Chris ‘Kammy’ Kamara opens up about his rare condition

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Chris Kamara: Lost for Words

9.15pm, ITV1

Earlier this year, shot pundit and Ninja Warrior UK big Chris “Kammy” Kamara revealed helium had been diagnosed with a uncommon information called apraxia of code (AOS), which means helium has occupation articulating what helium wants to say. He has since been grappling with his diagnosis, and this profoundly idiosyncratic documentary sees him spell done therapy and speech to experts to larn more. Hollie Richardson

Vienna Blood

9pm, BBC Two

A hatpin inserted into the brainstem of a young seamstress? It’s a magnificently contrived origin of decease and precisely the benignant of happening to intrigue detective Rheinhardt (Juergen Maurer) and his sidekick Liebermann (Matthew Beard) successful the instrumentality of this fun, unashamedly Sherlockian play acceptable successful 1908 Vienna. Phil Harrison

God Shave the Queens

9.40pm, BBC Three

Another triple measure of the amusement that goes down the scenes connected circuit with the contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK bid two. “Who other would plaything retired elephantine foam axes and propulsion them astatine sexy, sexy dancers?” the amusement asks Sister Sister, A’Whora and Ellie Diamond. No 1 – hence this show’s unsocial charm. Alexi Duggins


10pm, Dave

It’s the comedians’ penultimate time successful the woods, and they are tasked with creating warrior hairsbreadth looks connected different people. Phil Wang is simply a natural: “We could marque horns retired of hairsbreadth gel.” Maisie Adam, meanwhile, recreates her ain bash connected a antheral exemplary who looks terrified, and past each squad indispensable effort to transportation a caller enlistee to articulation them. HR

Shoukria and Arezo, nine-year-old Afghan girls who enactment    to enactment    their families successful  Children of the Taliban
Best friends … Shoukria and Arezo, nine-year-old Afghan girls who enactment to enactment their families. Photograph: Channel 4

Children of the Taliban

11.05pm, Channel 4

Shoukria and Arezo are nine-year-old daughters of soldiers killed warring the Taliban, who present person to enactment to enactment their families, portion Abdullah and Ehsanullah are sons of Taliban members. This documentary follows 4 children increasing up successful Kabul, whose lives changed irrevocably aft the US withdrew from Afghanistan successful August 2021. Hollie Richardson

Avenue 5

10.30pm, Sky Comedy

The abstraction sitcom, with its embarrassment of good comic actors, continues its 2nd season. Capt Ryan Clark (Hugh Laurie) is deposed by a fashionable uprising, but the predetermination of a successor is tricky, owed to everyone connected the spaceship being obnoxious buffoons. In the 2nd fractional of the treble bill, the caller authorities is nether onslaught from each sides. Jack Seale

Live sport

World Cup semi-finals, 6.30pm, BBC One. Live sum of the 2nd semi-final arsenic France instrumentality connected Morocco.

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