Twitter’s head of trust and safety resigns in latest high-profile departure

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Twitter’s caput of spot and safety, Ella Irwin, has resigned from the company, marking the latest high-profile departure from the struggling societal web since Elon Musk acquired it successful October.

Irwin confirmed her departure to news outlets connected Thursday but declined to remark further. Fortune earlier reported that Irwin’s interior Slack relationship appeared to person been deactivated.

Irwin, who oversaw contented moderation, is the 2nd caput of spot and information to measurement down since Musk took over, replacing the erstwhile caput Yoel Roth successful November aft his resignation.

Twitter has faced disapproval for lax protections against harmful contented since the billionaire businessman acquired the institution successful October for $44bn. Irwin’s departure comes arsenic the level besides struggles with method challenges – including past week’s bungled rollout of Ron DeSantis’s statesmanlike run connected Twitter Spaces – alongside wide layoffs and an exodus of advertisers wary of appearing adjacent to unsuitable content.

An capitalist successful the institution precocious revealed its worth had dropped by two-thirds since Musk’s takeover.

Musk announced earlier this period that helium hired Linda Yaccarino, the erstwhile NBCUniversal advertizing chief, to go Twitter’s caller CEO.

Since Musk’s acquisition, Twitter has chopped costs dramatically and laid disconnected thousands of employees, including galore who had worked connected efforts to forestall harmful and amerciable content, support predetermination integrity and aboveground close accusation connected the site.

Musk has promoted a diagnostic called Community Notes, which lets users adhd discourse to tweets, arsenic a mode to combat misleading accusation connected Twitter.

The institution is besides facing expanding scrutiny from regulators implicit its moderation efforts. Twitter withdrew from a voluntary statement with the European Union to tackle disinformation, portion saying it was committed to complying with upcoming net rules successful the EU.

The EU manufacture main Thierry Breton warned Twitter past week that it would not beryllium capable to debar ineligible obligations successful the EU aft quitting the voluntary agreement.

Yoel Roth, penning successful a New York Times op-ed connected his resignation soon aft Musk took implicit the company, said helium had chosen to permission due to the fact that it was wide Musk would beryllium unilaterally calling the shots. “A Twitter whose policies are defined by unilateral edict has small request for a spot and information relation dedicated to its principled development,” Roth wrote.

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