UK set for hottest day of 2022 so far as temperatures to hit 26C

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The UK’s hottest time of the twelvemonth truthful acold is expected connected Tuesday, with spells of sunshine crossed the state and temperatures forecast to emergence to 26 degrees successful London offering an aboriginal glimpse of summer.

The Met Office said the hottest temperatures would beryllium successful south-east England arsenic a plume of lukewarm aerial arrives from the continent, though overmuch of the state volition person lukewarm weather.

The temperatures are expected to interruption the grounds acceptable truthful acold this twelvemonth of 23.6C recorded successful Faversham, Kent connected 6 May.

Average highs for the southbound of England successful May are 17 degrees, though Met Office spokesperson Ollie Claydon said temperatures successful the late-20s were not unusual, particularly towards the extremity of the month. He added the forecast did not represent a heatwave, which the Met Office defines arsenic 3 successive days of temperatures supra 28 degrees.

However, not each regions volition spot bluish skies. A set of rainfall is passing crossed Northern Ireland, wherever temperatures volition scope astir 14 degrees successful Belfast and volition go much wide and heavier crossed the westbound and past the north, bringing winds and a cooler feel.

In south-east England, the bully upwind is acceptable to proceed connected Wednesday, with fresher temperatures and immoderate showers arriving connected Thursday, bringing temperatures down to the aboriginal 20s implicit the weekend.

Most parts of the UK volition person above-average temperatures for May implicit the week, but bluish skies volition beryllium breached up with perchance dense oregon thundery showers, particularly successful the northbound and west.

Claydon said the outlook for adjacent week remained “borderline” arsenic precocious unit was looking to marque its mode successful to the UK implicit the weekend, but it was unclear whether it would succeed.

Towards the extremity of May, the Met Office is predicting tons of good and adust weather, with near-average temperatures and much summery spells successful the eastbound and south-east.

NHS blistery upwind proposal recommends that radical enactment chill indoors, enactment hydrated, support retired of the prima betwixt 11am and 3pm, use sunscreen regularly and debar exercising successful the hottest parts of the day.

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