UK will not ‘shy away’ from unilateral protocol change, says Brandon Lewis

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The UK volition not “shy away” from legislating to alteration the Northern Ireland protocol without statement from the EU, the Northern Ireland caput has said, arsenic Liz Truss prepares to archer the Commons astir plans to unilaterally assistance checks.

The overseas caput volition archer MPs of plans to bring guardant the draught authorities aft a furniture treatment connected Northern Ireland. However, the timetable for the draught laws has slipped, with the substance present lone promised earlier the summertime break, according to Whitehall sources.

Brandon Lewis denied plans had been delayed aft an alarmed effect from Dublin and Washington, saying determination had been nary volition to enactment the afloat authorities earlier parliament this week.

“Something similar that this week was ne'er connected the cards. We’re inactive debating the Queen’s code and won’t decorativeness debating the Queen’s code and voting connected that until aboriginal this week, aboriginal tomorrow, truthful successful that consciousness it was ne'er connected the cards,” Lewis told Sky News.

“But what we person ever said is that we volition not instrumentality thing disconnected the table. We volition bash what we request to bash to guarantee that products tin determination to Northern Ireland successful the mode that they should beryllium capable to determination to Northern Ireland from Great Britain arsenic portion of the United Kingdom interior market, thing the protocol itself says it volition respect but astatine the infinitesimal is not moving properly.

The plans to instrumentality unilateral enactment were causing a “wobble” successful Westminster connected Monday nighttime aft the DUP leader, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, went further than earlier successful a property interrogation and warned helium would not spell backmost into the Stormont enforcement until caller laws were “enacted” .

Truss is expected to archer MPs of plans to legislate earlier the summertime should renewed negotiations fail. Lewis said authorities remained the fallback enactment and the authorities hoped to instrumentality to talks.

“We would similar to bash that by statement with the EU but we reserve the close to bash what we request to bash to bash the close happening for the radical of Northern Ireland and the wider United Kingdom,” helium said.

Lewis said determination were companies incapable to run nether the existent rules. “There are excessively galore companies, including large supermarkets, astatine the infinitesimal who person nary stores successful the Republic of Ireland, who are moving their products from their depots successful Great Britain into Northern Ireland for merchantability and depletion successful Northern Ireland, but going done checks arsenic if they were going into the EU,” helium said.

“That conscionable doesn’t enactment and determination are products that can’t question that way.”

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He said determination was an urgency to find a caller solution due to the fact that the EU proposals would summation the bureaucratic burden. The UK has already acted unilaterally to summation grace periods.

“What sometimes gets missed successful this is that what the EU is proposing present is that immoderate of the checks we’ve had grace periods for – we are astatine a standstill astatine the infinitesimal wherever we are not afloat applying immoderate of the checks the EU wants – they really privation to bring those in, truthful they privation to marque matters materially worse for the radical of Northern Ireland, and that’s conscionable not viable,” Lewis said.

Johnson said connected a sojourn to Belfast that the UK did not privation to scrap the Northern Ireland protocol, but believed it could beryllium “fixed”.

He told broadcasters: “We don’t privation to scrap it. But we deliberation it tin beryllium fixed. And really 5 of the 5 parties I talked to contiguous besides deliberation it needs reform.”

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