Ukraine Attacks Russian Positions as Signs of Counteroffensive Grow

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The assaults, with Western tanks and armored vehicles, look to people a long-awaited counteroffensive that Ukraine hopes volition retake territory and enactment up allies’ resoluteness to support supplying weapons.

A truck-mounted launcher, parked amid heavy   vegetation, firing a rocket into the air, portion    a worker  successful  the foreground, seen from behind, looks on.
Troops of the Ukrainian 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade astatine a presumption adjacent Avdiivka, successful the Donetsk region, firing toward Russian positions connected Wednesday.Credit...Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Eric SchmittAndrew E. Kramer

June 8, 2023, 6:22 p.m. ET

Ukrainian forces mounted a large onslaught successful the confederate portion of Zaporizhzhia connected Thursday, taking the violative against the invading Russians successful aggregate places successful the eastbound and south, but determination was nary denotation of a breakthrough successful an cognition that carries precocious stakes for Kyiv and its Western allies.

Three elder U.S. officials and subject analysts said that a long-awaited large Ukrainian counteroffensive appeared to beryllium underway, aft months spent mobilizing and grooming caller units, and arming them with precocious Western weapons. A beardown indication, they said, was the Ukrainians’ usage successful combat connected Thursday of German Leopard tanks and American Bradley warring vehicles.

“It appears immoderate of the caller brigades Ukraine stood up for this counteroffensive person been committed, which indicates the counteroffensive is underway,” said Rob Lee, a elder chap with the Foreign Policy Research Institute. “Ukrainian forces person made immoderate tactical gains and sustained losses.”

The United States and different Ukrainian trained and equipped the 9 brigades that were designed to pb Ukraine’s counteroffensive to recapture Russian-occupied land. Ukraine is wide expected to equine a multipronged battle on a beforehand that arcs for hundreds of miles, focusing connected a swath of the Zaporizhzhia and Donetsk regions. Ukraine’s plans people circumstantial areas to effort to interruption done Russian lines, but tin set to ore connected those thrusts that beryllium astir successful, U.S. officials said.

Russia and pro-war Russian bloggers claimed that Moscow’s forces had repelled Ukrainian assaults connected Thursday. Kyiv said small astir the intensified fighting, neither confirming nor denying Russian claims, and Ukrainian officials person said they volition not sermon details for reasons of operational secrecy.


Ukrainian troops of the 79th Air Assault Brigade successful the colony of Novomikhailivka, connected the beforehand enactment successful the Donetsk region, connected Thursday.Credit...Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

The Russian warfare bloggers, who person go a large root of accusation from the beforehand lines, said Ukraine’s forces had suffered dense losses, though specified claims could not beryllium confirmed and successful the past person often been exaggerated.

Two of the elder U.S. official, speaking connected the information of anonymity to sermon delicate subject operations, confirmed that advancing Ukrainian troops had suffered casualties successful the aboriginal warring but said classified assessments quantifying the losses were inactive being developed.

Ukraine, arsenic a rule, does not sermon subject losses, but the battlefield conditions airs a superior situation for an attacker. For months, Russian forces person built a web of defenses, and the table-flat terrain, with small screen on overmuch of the confederate front, leaves immoderate advancing unit of troops oregon armored vehicles susceptible to force artillery.

In caller days, Russia’s subject and pro-war bloggers reported that Ukrainian forces had launched attacks successful the eastbound Donetsk region, warring that prompted American officials to accidental earlier this week that the counteroffensive whitethorn person begun. The grounds for that decision grew connected Thursday, but the anticipation remained that the Ukrainian assaults were a prelude to an adjacent larger push.

The Russian Defense Ministry said connected Thursday that its forces had thwarted a Ukrainian onslaught successful the Zaporizhzhia region, adjacent the colony of Novodarivka.

A Ukrainian lawman defence minister, Hanna Malyar, said a conflict was underway successful the country of a larger municipality astir 10 miles distant successful the neighboring Donetsk region, Velyka Novosilka, but it was unclear if she was referring to the aforesaid clash. And a representation released by the British Defense Ministry identified that wide country arsenic the determination of an evident Ukrainian advance.


Troops of Ukraine’s 95th Air Assault Brigade instrumentality screen successful a wooded presumption successful eastbound Ukraine past week.Credit...Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Sergei K. Shoigu, the Russian defence minister, said that forces of Ukraine’s 47th Mechanized Brigade, including dozens of armored vehicles, had “made an effort to interruption done Russia’s defense” successful that area, but that Moscow’s aerial and crushed forces had repelled the attack. That brigade is 1 of the Ukrainian units that has received grooming and precocious instrumentality from the United States.

The Russian account, similar astir claims astir what was happening astatine the front, could not beryllium confirmed independently, but videos verified by The New York Times showed a Ukrainian armored conveyance adjacent Velyka Novosilka hitting a onshore mine.

Heavy warring was reported farther westbound successful the Zaporizhzhia region, adjacent the municipality of Orikhiv, wherever Ms. Malyar said “the force is actively connected the defensive.”

Russian bloggers reported that Ukraine unsuccessfully attempted an beforehand a fewer miles eastbound of Orikhiv, adjacent the colony of Mala Tokmachka, and posted videos and photos showing Leopard tanks and German- and American-made warring vehicles, claiming that immoderate of them had been destroyed. The Times was capable to corroborate the locations of the images and that they were made recently, and that immoderate were damaged oregon destroyed.

More than 120 miles distant to the northeast, determination was much dense warring astir the metropolis of Bakhmut, country of the war’s longest and bloodiest battle. Ms. Malyar told Ukrainian quality broadcasters that Bakhmut, wherever Russians seized the metropolis but Ukrainians person been advancing connected its flanks, “remains astatine the epicenter wherever we person gone from defence to offensive,” and that “we destruct a batch of force manpower” there.


Members of the Ukrainian 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade repairing a bunker astatine a presumption adjacent Avdiivka connected Wednesday.Credit...Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Britain’s defence quality bureau said successful its regular assessment connected Thursday that “in astir areas Ukraine holds the initiative.”

But Russian bloggers said that defenses were holding, aided by sustained strikes by the Russian Air Force.

“After a time of continuous fighting, there’s indirect accusation astir insignificant puncturing of defenses, determination are nary breakthroughs,” the erstwhile Russian paramilitary commandant Igor Girkin wrote connected the Telegram messaging app connected Thursday morning.

Western nations person supplied billions of dollars worthy of weapons to springiness Ukrainian forces the mobility and firepower to spell connected the offensive, including modern tanks and different armored vehicles. The allies rapidly trained 9 of the 12 recently formed and equipped brigades expected to instrumentality portion successful the fighting, alongside different Ukrainian units.

But portion coagulated truthful far, determination is nary warrant that Western enactment volition stay truthful for has been coagulated truthful acold but is not guaranteed successful the agelong term. The U.S. fund for subject assistance, for example, is expected to tally retired by astir September, and immoderate Republicans successful Congress person questioned the justification for it.

If Ukraine fails to interruption done Russia’s excavation belts, vessel traps and trench lines, the appetite for arming its forces could wane, putting unit connected Kyiv to participate into negotiations with Moscow oregon frost the conflict, cementing successful spot immoderate of Russia’s territorial gains.

The demolition connected Tuesday of the Kakhovka dam successful confederate Ukraine this week, which caused wide flooding on the Dnipro River, complicates matters for some sides, but Ukrainian officials, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, person said the effect connected the battlefield would beryllium minimal. The floods would marque a subject crossing of the Dnipro, which separates the warring sides successful the Kherson region, much difficult, but the Ukrainians accidental specified an onslaught was not successful their plans.


Residents being evacuated successful Kherson connected Thursday.Credit...Brendan Hoffman for The New York Times

Christiaan Triebert, Christoph Koettl, Ivan Nechepurenko, Marc Santora and Anatoly Kurmanaev contributed reporting.

Eric Schmitt is simply a elder writer who has traveled the satellite covering coercion and nationalist security. He was besides the Pentagon correspondent. A subordinate of the Times unit since 1983, helium has shared 4 Pulitzer Prizes. @EricSchmittNYT

Andrew E. Kramer is the Times bureau main successful Kyiv. He was portion of a squad that won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize successful International Reporting for a series connected Russia’s covert projection of power. @AndrewKramerNYT

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