Ukraine summons Turkish ambassador over ‘stolen’ grain ship

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Ukraine has summoned the Turkish ambassador aft it said Turkey had allowed a Russian-flagged vessel carrying what it has claimed was thousands of tonnes of stolen Ukrainian atom to permission its larboard successful Karasu.

“We regret that Russia’s vessel Zhibek Zholy, which was afloat of stolen Ukrainian grain, was allowed to permission Karasu larboard contempt transgression grounds presented to the Turkish authorities,” said the overseas ministry spokesperson, Oleg Nikolenko.

“Turkey’s ambassador successful Kyiv volition beryllium invited to Ukraine’s ministry of overseas affairs to clarify this unacceptable situation.”

Turkish customs officials had seized the vas astatine Ukraine’s petition connected Tuesday, aft Kyiv claimed the cargo was illegally transporting 7,000 tonnes of atom retired of Russian-occupied Berdyansk, a Ukrainian larboard successful the south-east of the country.

Russia’s overseas minister, Sergei Lavrov, confirmed that the vessel was Russian-flagged, but appeared to muddy the waters portion claiming the Kremlin was seeking clarity.

“The vessel truly is Russian-flagged, but I deliberation it belongs to Kazakhstan and the cargo was being carried connected a declaration betwixt Estonia and Turkey,” Lavrov told reporters connected Monday.

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Kyiv has accused Russia of stealing implicit 600,000 tonnes of atom from occupied Ukrainian territories to merchantability connected planetary markets. The country’s atom exports are liable for astir 15% of the world’s total.

The Russian penetration of Ukraine successful February and its power of the exit routes to the Black Sea of the country’s atom has sparked a planetary nutrient situation that risks pushing the worst-hit countries into wide famine.

Turkey, with its Bosphorus strait, is simply a cardinal transit way for shipping retired of the Black Sea. Ukraine has sought to enactment unit connected Ankara to halt Russian shipments of its grain, a captious root of revenue.

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