Ukraine war: Russia reveals exemptions as men flee call-up

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By Matt Murphy
BBC News

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Russian soldiers person been accused of torturing civilians portion successful detention

Russia's defence ministry has revealed a big of occupations that volition beryllium exempted from conscription aimed astatine boosting its warfare effort successful Ukraine.

IT workers, bankers and journalists moving for authorities media volition flight the "partial mobilisation" announced by President Vladimir Putin connected Wednesday.

Around 300,000 citizens look being called up arsenic portion of the drive.

The determination has prompted a unreserved towards borders arsenic young men effort to fly to evade the draft.

Announcing its item of exemptions connected Friday, Russia defence ministry said employers indispensable compile a database of workers who conscionable the criteria and taxable it to its offices.

But it accepted immoderate sectors had to beryllium excluded to "ensure the enactment of circumstantial high-tech industries, arsenic good arsenic Russia's fiscal system" was unaffected by the country's archetypal subject mobilisation since World War Two.

Some commentators person observed that the substance of the mobilisation decree has been near vague - perchance allowing it to beryllium widened if necessary.

And 1 paragraph remains wholly classified. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said connected Friday this referred to the full fig of Russians that could beryllium conscripted, which helium said could not beryllium disclosed.

Earlier, the autarkic paper Novaya Gazeta had reported - citing an unnamed authorities root - that the redacted conception allowed for a call-up of up to a cardinal people, alternatively than the reported 300,000.

Russian men are continuing to effort to fly the state to debar being called up by subject recruiters.

In the south, miles-long queues of postulation person formed astatine the borderline crossing betwixt Russia and Georgia.

Some of those heading into the neighbouring state person utilized bicycles to bypass lines of cars and evade a prohibition connected crossing connected foot, with others reporting waits of up to 12 hours.

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Watch: Sped-up footage appears to amusement ample queues astatine the Russia-Georgia border

When asked astir the war, 1 antheral who did not privation to beryllium named told the BBC helium had known it was happening but that, until Mr Putin's declaration of a "partial mobilisation", it had not been his concern.

A Russian student, who besides did not privation to beryllium identified, said that radical had woken up. "They opened their eyes and started reasoning astir wherever to fell their children. Now radical recognize what's happening due to the fact that it affects them directly," helium said.

Another IT idiosyncratic told the BBC that helium was opposed to the war, but was excessively frightened to talk retired against it.

"I don't privation to hazard my life, the beingness of my family. I don't privation to beryllium enactment successful detention," helium said. "All I could bash was to get Schengen visa. Luckily I got 1 successful May."

Georgia is 1 of the fewer neighbouring countries that Russians tin participate without needing to use for a visa. Border guards successful neighbouring Finland, which shares a 1,300km (800 mile) borderline with Russia but requires an introduction visa, told the BBC that queues had grown astatine assorted crossing points.

Other destinations reachable by aerial - specified arsenic Istanbul, Belgrade oregon Dubai - person seen summons prices skyrocket instantly aft the subject call-up was announced, with immoderate destinations sold retired completely.

Turkish media person reported a ample spike successful one-way summons sales, portion remaining flights to non-visa destinations tin outgo thousands of euros.

Several country's are grappling with the imaginable of an influx of Russian draught dodgers. Germany's interior curate signalled connected Thursday that those fleeing conscription would beryllium invited successful her country.

Nancy Faeser said deserters threatened by "severe repression" would person extortion connected a case-by-case basis, pursuing information checks.

But respective different European countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Czech Republic, struck a antithetic tone, saying they would not connection fleeing Russians refuge. The countries person long-pushed the EU to instrumentality a harder enactment connected Russia.

"I recognize that Russians are fleeing from ever much hopeless decisions by Putin," Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky said. "But those moving due to the fact that they don't privation to fulfil a work imposed by their ain government, they don't conscionable the criteria for humanitarian visa."

The call-up sparked protests successful large Russian cities including Moscow and St Petersburg connected Tuesday, resulting successful a reported 1,300 arrests.

There were besides reports from Russia that immoderate of those detained for protesting had been handed draught papers portion successful custody astatine constabulary stations. When asked astir the reports, Mr Peskov said that doing truthful was not against the law.

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Watch: Child heard crying arsenic mobilised Russian men permission to fight

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