UN refugee body criticises ‘errors’ in asylum report backed by Braverman

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A study partially endorsed by the UK location secretary, Suella Braverman, calling for a extremist crackdown connected those seeking asylum has been criticised by a UN assemblage for “factual and ineligible errors”.

Braverman wrote the foreword to the study by the right-leaning Centre for Policy Studies that says “if necessary” Britain should alteration quality rights laws and retreat from the European normal connected quality rights successful bid to tackle Channel crossings by tiny boat.

The report, co-authored by Theresa May’s erstwhile advisor Nick Timothy, recommended the indefinite detention of each asylum seekers who participate the UK “illegally” and that ministers should legislate to marque it intolerable to assertion asylum successful the UK aft travelling from a harmless country.

But the United Nations precocious commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) questioned the report’s statement of “illegal” for radical seeking asylum – a word besides utilized by Braverman and the Home Office successful authoritative documents.

“There is nary specified happening arsenic an ‘illegal asylum seeker’. The indefinite detention of those seeking asylum, based solely connected their mode of arrival, would punish radical successful request of assistance and extortion and represent a wide breach of the United Kingdom’s obligations nether the 1951 exile convention,” a connection from the UNHCR said.

“A broad prohibition connected claiming asylum successful the UK for those arriving connected tiny boats would besides breach the exile convention, if this results successful refugees having nary means to found their presumption and places them astatine hazard of enforced instrumentality to their ain countries.

“Access to asylum should ne'er beryllium contingent connected mode of accomplishment oregon nationality. The lone mode to found whether radical are refugees is done a just and businesslike determination of their claims.”

Braverman has welcomed the report, and successful a foreword pledged to bash “whatever it takes” to woody with the migrant situation successful the Channel. She said the numbers of radical making the perilous crossing were “wholly unacceptable and unsustainable” and that ministers would “comprehensively tackle the tiny boats problem”.

“We’ve had capable of the persistent maltreatment of quality rights laws to thwart the removal of those with nary close to beryllium successful the UK. This indispensable end. Saying truthful is not xenophobic oregon anti-immigration. It is the world acknowledged and felt by the immense bulk of the British public. To unreal different is to insult them,” she wrote.

Timothy said tackling the contented would necessitate a “completely antithetic approach” from the government, addressing a bid of interconnected nationalist problems. “If we are to halt the crossings, we volition request to instrumentality contiguous and bold action,” helium said. “It is not thing that tin beryllium fixed done gradual, incremental change.”

In a caller intervention, a erstwhile Home Office curate said the government’s pugnacious “rhetoric” connected tackling amerciable migrant crossings was not working.

The Conservative MP Kit Malthouse told BBC Radio 4’s The Westminster Hour connected Sunday night: “I interest somewhat that the benignant of rhetoric of ‘let’s beryllium tough, let’s conscionable get tougher and tougher’ is conscionable not getting america anyplace and that really I’d overmuch alternatively perceive astute solutions than pugnacious ones.”

The migration minister, Robert Jenrick, indicated astatine the play that barring radical from countries regarded arsenic harmless specified arsenic Albania from claiming asylum was among the measures being considered.

He said the authorities was besides looking to tighten the rules connected pupil visas, peculiarly successful narration to bringing household members portion studying successful the UK.

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