Under-review Nottingham maternity units no longer inadequate

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has acknowledged improvements successful Nottingham's maternity services but said much were inactive needed

By Dan Martin & Rob Sissons

BBC News

Maternity units wherever dozens of babies person died oregon been injured are nary longer rated inadequate by a attraction watchdog.

Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) NHS Trust is taxable to the largest reappraisal of its benignant successful the UK aft a bid of failings.

Bereaved families said the study was a "small step", and added "much much needs to beryllium done".

Dr Jack Hawkins and his woman Sarah, who some utilized to enactment for NUH, person campaigned for harmless maternity services aft their girl Harriet died owed to failings successful 2016.

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Jack and Sarah Hawkins mislaid their babe girl Harriet arsenic a effect of spot failings successful 2016 and are pressing for information improvements

Responding to the CQC's findings, Dr Hawkins said: "It is advancement and we request to beryllium affirmative astir that, but our concerns are it is truly the bare minimum that the nationalist should expect.

"Some of the outstanding issues raised are captious to information and precise basic."

Mrs Hawkins said: "'Requires improvement' inactive doesn't mean harmless and what each the families privation is harmless care."

She added: "The families invited that determination whitethorn beryllium immoderate improvements, but we truly privation to accent that it seems similar it is the bare essentials.

"The spot inactive requires betterment and that's not thing to beryllium celebrated."

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Senior midwife Donna Ockenden is starring a reappraisal into maternity failings successful Nottingham - aft heading a akin reappraisal successful Shropshire

The CQC carried retired an unannounced two-day inspection of the maternity units successful April and has present released its findings, days aft it confirmed it was investigating the deaths of 3 babies successful the trust's attraction successful 2021.

The regulator has judged some infirmary maternity units, and the trust's wide maternity service, arsenic requiring betterment but said it identified capable caller betterment to assistance their long-standing inadequate rating.

Its latest findings travel a twelvemonth into a large reappraisal of the trust's maternity failings by elder midwife Donna Ockenden, who is looking astatine the cases of immoderate 1,800 affected families.

She antecedently led a reappraisal of maternity services astatine Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust, successful which it was recovered that 201 babies and 9 mothers could person survived with amended maternity attraction implicit a 20-year period.

Her findings truthful acold successful Nottingham person triggered an enquiry by Nottinghamshire Police that volition tally alongside her own.

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The CQC raised concerns implicit unit levels astatine City Hospital (pictured) and the Queen's Medical Centre

CQC Midlands lawman manager of operations Greg Rielly said: "At some maternity services, we saw an betterment successful the level of attraction being provided to radical and their babies since we past rated some services arsenic inadequate.

"It is affirmative to spot that the spot is present connected an betterment travel to bring astir amended and safer care."

However, the CQC's latest study said the trust's maternity work "did not person capable substantive unit to attraction for women and support them safe" and not each unit had grooming successful cardinal skills oregon assessed risks to women successful a timely way.

Inspectors raised information concerns astir however medicines were managed and said not each instrumentality was cleaned betwixt uses.

They besides recovered retention of expressed bosom beverage was "unsafe".

The spot was besides "not ever complying with its statutory responsibilities for work of candour" - a nonrecreational work to beryllium honorable with patients erstwhile things spell wrong.

The CQC said further inspections would beryllium carried retired to guarantee improvements successful maternity continued.

The watchdog besides assessed the NUH's leadership, antecedently rated inadequate, which it said present "requires improvement".


By Rob Sissons, BBC East Midlands wellness correspondent

Nothing successful the latest CQC study tin undo the enduring heartbreak for families who person suffered catastrophic nonaccomplishment and harm arsenic a effect of maternity failings successful Nottingham.

The spot has welcomed it arsenic an endorsement of its betterment program and grounds that alteration is imaginable and being delivered.

Some volition say: "About time." For astir 3 years, its maternity services person been fixed the CQC's lowest standing and determination seemed small sustained progress.

The caller standing whitethorn beryllium seized connected arsenic a affirmative by the trust, but it is hardly a ringing endorsement and means important betterment is inactive needed to reconstruct assurance and guarantee safety. The trust's main enforcement started past twelvemonth and has promised to forge a caller open, honorable narration with affected families and volition enactment connected a afloat apology.

The CQC study has immoderate positives for front-line staff, who are rated bully for caring. Retaining and recruiting specified unit during a large reappraisal and constabulary probe is conscionable 1 of galore challenges the spot faces.

CQC inspections are, of course, a snapshot successful time, but immoderate families question why, successful years erstwhile it was already wide immoderate babies were coming to harm, section maternity services were rated good.

Influential midwife Donna Ockenden has already described the transportation of the indispensable changes arsenic "a marathon, not a sprint". We indispensable hold astatine slightest different twelvemonth for her last report, which aims to uncover the extent and standard of what has gone truthful severely incorrect successful Nottingham.

The eventual trial for the spot is to proceed to amended information and civilization astatine a clip of unprecedented scrutiny.

In a statement, the Nottingham Families Maternity Group said the CQC study was a "small but important measurement successful Nottingham University Hospitals' travel to amended diligent safety".

The radical said it continued to beryllium contacted by families who had experienced mediocre attraction and added: "There is intelligibly overmuch much that needs to beryllium done.

"It's concerning that the CQC person identified captious and basal issues that inactive necessitate improvement. Issues specified arsenic unit training, oversight of women's risk, and cleanliness of equipment.

"This betterment is the implicit minimum that the nationalist should expect."

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Trust main enforcement Anthony May said helium wanted to rebuild spot successful maternity services

NUH main enforcement Anthony May said helium was pleased the CQC had recognised improvements.

He said: "Most importantly, I anticipation the study provides assurance to section mothers and families who take to springiness commencement nether our care, and that anyone who has had a mediocre acquisition tin spot the affirmative changes we are making, arsenic good arsenic listening to feedback and embedding improvements.

"I americium clear, though, that further improvements are vital, and successful immoderate areas, we request to bash much to rebuild spot wrong our community."

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