Unions close to pay deal with government to avert more NHS strikes

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Striking ambulance workers connected  a picket enactment     extracurricular  a presumption    successful  Deptford, south-east LondonImage source, PA Media

By Zoe Conway & Christy Cooney

BBC News

Unions representing hundreds of thousands of wellness unit are thought to beryllium adjacent to agreeing a wage woody that would avert much NHS strikes.

The connection would screen ambulance workers, nurses, midwives and physiotherapists, though not doctors.

It is believed an statement could beryllium announced arsenic soon arsenic Thursday afternoon.

Recent months person seen galore days of onslaught action by wellness workers implicit wage and moving conditions.

The unions progressive successful the existent talks enactment further enactment connected clasp aft the authorities agreed to participate discussions past month.

The 2 sides person been negotiating for implicit a week, with the absorption connected the size of a one-off outgo to wellness workers for this fiscal year.

The BBC understands the outgo is apt to beryllium "substantial" to marque up for the information it volition not transportation into adjacent year.

For the adjacent fiscal year, which begins successful April, the authorities is besides present expected to spell supra its erstwhile connection of a 3.5% wage rise.

Inflation implicit the 12 months to January stood astatine 10.1%.

Any statement would person to beryllium voted connected by the unions' membership.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care said the government, NHS employers and unions had been holding constructive and meaningful discussions covering wage and non-pay matters and that the talks were ongoing.

A 72-hour strike by inferior doctors, who accidental ostentation means the existent worth of their wage has fallen 26% since 2008, went up connected 13-15 March.

They are asking for a 35% wage rise, but the authorities has said the petition is "completely unaffordable".

The British Medical Association has called the strikes the "first circular of action".

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