US and Chinese officials discuss Biden-Xi meeting amid Taiwan friction

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US and Chinese officials person been discussing a face-to-face gathering betwixt Joe Biden and Xi Jinping, amid a important escalation successful friction implicit Taiwan.

Kurt Campbell, the coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs successful Biden’s nationalist information council, confirmed connected Friday that the 2 leaders had raised the anticipation of an in-person gathering erstwhile they past talked by telephone successful precocious July “and agreed to person their team’s travel up to benignant retired the specifics”.

Campbell said determination were nary caller details to announce, but some leaders are expected to instrumentality portion successful the G20 gathering successful November successful Bali.

The subject exercises China has been conducting successful the Taiwan Strait person coiled down for the clip being but Campbell told reporters: “They are portion of an intensified unit run against Taiwan which has not ended and we expect it to proceed to unfold successful the coming weeks and months.

“The extremity of this run is clear: to intimidate and coerce Taiwan and undermine its resilience,” helium said, adding that China’s purported outrage implicit the visit to Taiwan by the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi, was lone a “pretext” to alteration the presumption quo successful the region.

Campbell said that the US would proceed to guarantee state of navigation successful the Taiwan Strait and successful the region.

“We volition not beryllium reflexive oregon knee-jerk,” helium said. “We volition beryllium diligent and effective. We volition proceed to fly, sail and run wherever planetary instrumentality allows, accordant with our longstanding committedness to state of navigation and that includes conducting modular aerial and maritime transits done the Taiwan Strait successful the adjacent fewer weeks.”

He did not springiness details of erstwhile the transits would instrumentality place, oregon corroborate reports that the US had opted not to sail an craft bearer done the strait on the grounds that it would beryllium excessively provocative.

He did confirm, however, that Biden had ordered the bearer USS Ronald Reagan to stay “on station” successful the region.

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