US extreme skier Hilaree Nelson given traditional Nepalese funeral

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US utmost skier Hilaree Nelson, who died aft falling from the world's eighth-highest mountain, has been fixed a accepted Nepalese funeral.

The 49-year-old fell to her decease from the 26,775ft summit of Mount Manaslu past week portion skiing down with her partner, Jim Morrison.

Family, friends and authorities officials gathered astatine a ceremonial crushed successful Kathmandu arsenic Buddhist monks officiated the accepted funeral.

Her assemblage was taken to the Sherpa cremation grounds connected the backmost of an unfastened truck, which was decorated with a poster of her and alongside garlands of flowers.

Mr Morrison was seen performing rituals during the ceremonial arsenic Buddhist monks lit the pyre and philharmonic instruments and chanted prayers.


Image: Hilaree Nelson. Pic: Facebook

The utmost skier, who summited Mount Lhotse, the world's fourth-highest peak, successful 2018 with Mr Morrison, disappeared connected 26 September.

Rescuers searched by helicopter and located her assemblage 2 days later, which was past flown to Kathmandu.

Ms Nelson's sponsor, The North Face described her arsenic a "hero, mentor and friend", adding that she "embodied possibility", successful an online tribute.

Ms Nelson's spouse  Jim Morrison lights candle. Pic: AP

Image: Ms Nelson's spouse Jim Morrison lights a candle. Pic: AP

Nepal's authorities has issued permits to 504 climbers during this year's autumn climbing play - astir are climbing Mount Manaslu.

However, climbers person been struggling with atrocious upwind conditions and repeated avalanches connected the mountain.

Ms Nelson's spouse  Jim Morrison, left, performs rituals during her funeral. Pic: AP

Image: Mr Morrison (L) performs rituals during the funeral. Pic: AP

The aforesaid time Ms Nelson fell, an avalanche astatine a little elevation connected the aforesaid upland killed a Nepalese antheral and injured respective different climbers.

Hundreds of climbers and their section guides person attempted to scope the mountain's acme during Nepal's autumn climbing season.

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