US homeland security reverses support for Ice detainee’s sexual assault claims

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One time aft this story was published by the Guardian, Andres Domingo’s lawyer, Kenia Garcia, received a notification from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rescinding the substantiated decision from its probe into the Guatemalan native’s aggregate intersexual battle allegations astatine Krome detention center.

Reviewed by the Guardian, the report’s reversal means Domingo tin nary longer suffice for a U-visa. The U nonimmigrant presumption allows victims of enactment crimes oregon immoderate transgression that leads to intelligence and intelligence suffering oregon maltreatment to stay successful the US.

“I privation idiosyncratic would travel and explicate to maine wherefore they nary longer find my allegations to beryllium substantiated,” the 25-year-old said. “No 1 has explained to maine wherefore the abrupt alteration successful their determination … I consciousness mislaid successful the process; I americium highly anxious, and I conscionable privation the accidental to reasonably combat for my case. I can’t adjacent slumber without the medications they are giving maine due to the fact that I americium depressed, anxious and scared.”

This “should not person happened”, Garcia said. “It highlights the incongruity and deficiency of standards being followed. The allegations connected their look [are] grounds of intersexual battle astatine its minimum. Add to that the past past of the allegations having been corroborated by witnesses and substantiated. It conscionable does not adhd up – 1 positive 1 does not adjacent three.”

A US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Ice) spokesperson said, successful effect to Domingo’s reports of intersexual assaults successful its custody, that the bureau remains committed to “ensuring that each those successful its custody reside successful safe, unafraid and humane environments nether due conditions of confinement”.

On the escalation process for specified allegations, helium added: “When a ailment is received, it is investigated thoroughly to find veracity and guarantee broad standards are strictly maintained and enforced.”

Ice declined to remark straight connected the rescinding of corroboration into Domingo’s 3 intersexual assaults successful their custody.

Domingo told the Guardian that his intelligence wellness has further deteriorated with the reversal.

“What happened to maine astatine Krome was not fair,” helium said. “No 1 should person to spell done that. I consciousness depressed due to the fact that I conscionable deliberation they are not taking my lawsuit seriously. I consciousness that they are making a mockery of maine and what happened to maine by reversing their decision. I consciousness similar they are trying to reverse their archetypal determination present due to the fact that they simply bash not privation to assistance me. They don’t privation the information to travel out. They privation to support maine and my communicative successful the dark.”

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Garcia said her absorption present remains connected getting justness for Domingo.

“I volition scope retired to Congress members and representatives to spot if they volition help,” she said, “by putting unit to person much transparency.”

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