US sued over nearly 20-year-old federal terrorist list by Muslim rights group

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A national violent watchlist, mostly comprised of Muslim Americans, is Islamophobic and being utilized for “harassment and humiliation” and should beryllium withdrawn, civilian rights advocates argue.

Formally known arsenic the Terrorist Screening Dataset, oregon “TSDS,” the watchlist is made up of much than 1.5 cardinal people, astir of whom are Muslim, according to attorneys from Muslim rights enactment the Council connected American Islamic Relations (Cair). Although the FBI says nary 1 tin beryllium added to the watchlist owed to their race, ethnicity oregon religion, Cair recovered astir 98% of radical connected the database are Muslim.

This contempt repeated warnings successful the past decennary that home coercion from the farright poses a bigger threat to US nationalist information than Islamist extremism.

The watchlist has existed for much than 20 years, since the al-Qaida violent attacks connected 11 September 2001 – aft which galore Muslims successful America, oregon radical thought to beryllium Muslim, were routinely surveilled and profiled by assorted instrumentality enforcement agencies.

Cair has filed respective lawsuits astatine antithetic levels involving the watchlist since its creation. Now, Cair has filed a lawsuit against the national government, the enactment announced earlier this week.

Dawud Walid, Cair’s enforcement manager for the Michigan chapter, said successful a statement: “Across the nation, American Muslims targeted by the national government’s unconstitutional, discriminatory watchlist [are] lasting up and demanding justness from the authorities for 20 years of unjust targeting.

“The clip has travel for the Biden medication to extremity the usage of the watchlist.”

The watchlist is utilized by galore authorities agencies, including the FBI, the US State Department, Secret Service, and different authorities and section agencies. According to the FBI, the watchlist is utilized to support way of “people reasonably suspected to beryllium progressive successful coercion (or related activities)”, successful bid to support the American radical safe.

One antheral who recovered himself connected the database is Mohamed Khairullah. Khairullah, the longtime politician of Prospect Park, New Jersey, knew helium was erstwhile connected a national watchlist but thought helium was removed from it successful 2021. But earlier this year, helium recovered retired helium was inactive connected the database erstwhile helium was denied entry to a White House Eid lawsuit for which helium had an invitation.

The quality near him “baffled, shocked and disappointed”, helium told the Associated Press astatine the time.

The Secret Service declined to supply AP with remark connected the lawsuit, but an emailed connection to AP said: “As we stated successful the past, we were not capable to assistance introduction to the Mayor astatine the White House and we regret immoderate inconvenience that whitethorn person caused.”

Khairullah said traveling became hard successful 2019, aft helium returned to the US from his autochthonal Syria connected a sojourn to witnesser atrocities committed by Bashar al-Assad’s authorities successful the civilian warfare there.

Khairullah’s designation has made flying arduous, some domestically and internationally.

The suit details respective instances of Khairullah and his household members being refused accepted airdrome information checks successful favour of lengthy, invasive screenings wherever they were questioned for respective hours and thoroughly searched and patted down earlier being allowed to committee their flight.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get removed from the watchlist oregon related databases successful astir cases, Cair attorneys argue.

“The specified information that they had been placed connected the watchlist successful the past is retained by the authorities successful respective antithetic databases ... and tin proceed to harm them,” Cair lawyer Hannah Mullen said.

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