Use the 'Jigsaw Method' to Study Complex Topics

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Yes, studying unsocial and successful a quiescent space is highly utile astir of the time—but determination are instances erstwhile studying with idiosyncratic other tin beryllium adjacent much beneficial. For instance, dividing enactment among the members of a radical tin assistance you tackle a immense magnitude of substance and caller information. It’s called the jigsaw method and here’s however it works.

What is the jigsaw speechmaking method?

The jigsaw speechmaking method is simply a mode to interruption up ample amounts of substance and marque it easier to understand. It was really conceptualized successful the 1970s, erstwhile societal scientist Elliot Aronson sought to combat radical bias among elementary-aged kids successful a schoolroom wherever students had precocious been integrated. He figured retired however to marque the situation little competitory and much cooperative among groups of children.

It was primitively utilized for young kids, but per guidance from the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, it’s due for learners of each ages. It’s designed to crook individuals into experts successful unsocial topics, past empower them to assistance their peers amended recognize those topics.

How jigsaw learning works

There are really 2 ways to bash jigsaw learning:

  1. If you person a smaller radical of radical to enactment with, interruption the speechmaking into chunks of 1 oregon 2 paragraphs and delegate everyone a chunk. Each idiosyncratic reads their assigned chunk and works connected it until they cognize it highly well, past everyone takes turns teaching the radical astir their mini topic. At the extremity of the discussion, each members of the radical should recognize everything the substance went over—but didn’t person to work it all.
  2. If you person a bigger radical of radical to enactment with, smaller groups tin tackle idiosyncratic chunks of text. In schoolroom settings, erstwhile a smaller radical masters a concept, 1 learner leaves to beryllium with a antithetic radical and larn astir their conception from them and the rhythm goes astir until everyone has had a accidental to spell larn from the different groups. In a assemblage oregon workplace setting, this tin beryllium much easy and usefully accomplished with a collaborative document: Each radical tin summarize their speechmaking successful a Google Doc oregon similar, yet creating a cheat expanse that condenses the afloat substance into a fewer paragraphs.

If you’re moving connected a radical task astatine schoolhouse oregon enactment oregon are affable capable with colleagues oregon classmates to suggest studying together, you tin play with antithetic methods here, arsenic agelong arsenic the main signifier involves chunking the enactment up and giving everyone thing to go an adept in. This works similar the Feynman method from there: Whoever becomes the adept successful a fixed taxable is liable for knowing it and past distilling it until it’s imaginable for everyone other to grasp it easily, which means that idiosyncratic has to really get it first. Everyone other benefits from getting a elemental mentation of a analyzable taxable and, ultimately, everybody learns the main messages of the text, some done teaching it to radical members and having it taught to them.

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