Utrogestan: Menopause pill supply restricted over shortages

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Woman taking an hormone replacement therapy pills (stock image)Image source, Science Photo Library

The proviso of a cause to dainty symptoms of menopause is being restricted by the UK authorities due to the fact that of shortages.

Pharmacies volition lone dispense 2 months' worthy of Utrogestan 100mg capsules per prescription.

The Department of Health and Social Care said Besins, the shaper of the hormone replacement therapy (HRT), was expanding proviso but that shortages could past until precocious this year.

Ministers accidental determination are bully stocks of the immense bulk of HRT products.

Twenty-two superior shortage protocols - a process to negociate impermanent and imaginable proviso issues - person been made for HRT products since April 2022.

But restrictions connected lone 2 products are successful place, 1 relating to Utrogestan and the 2nd for Progynova 100 microgram patches.

About a cardinal UK women usage HRT attraction for their menopausal symptoms, according to the UK's healthcare watchdog Nice.

The numbers taking it are rising - partially due to the fact that of enactment by campaigners to widen entree and greater consciousness astir the menopause.

Women's curate Maria Caulfield said the "decisive enactment volition mean much women volition beryllium capable to entree this medicine, and I privation to reassure women that the immense bulk of HRT products are successful bully supply".

"The wide proviso of HRT products has improved considerably implicit the past twelvemonth and I americium encouraged by however the manufacture is responding to the maturation successful request and our continued calls for enactment to boost proviso to conscionable it."

Some HRT medicines person besides been added to the database of products that cannot beryllium exported from the UK, oregon hoarded, to effort to guarantee capable proviso remains.

What is HRT and what are the benefits?

As women attack the menopause, their levels of the hormone oestrogen fluctuate and decline.

Oestrogen has galore roles. It helps modulate menstrual cycles, contributes to bony spot and influences the somesthesia of our skin. As oestrogen levels go unstable, radical tin acquisition a scope of symptoms specified arsenic blistery flushes, nighttime sweats, anxiousness and associated pain.

HRT tops up the oestrogen levels successful a woman's assemblage and tin assistance alleviate these symptoms.

Women who instrumentality it mostly bash not enactment connected it forever, conscionable to assistance with the menopausal transition, and galore accidental it makes a large quality to their wellbeing.

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