Visit this Czech mountain resort for the longest pedestrian bridge ever

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The world’s longest suspended pedestrian span has opened successful Czech Republic.

Known arsenic ‘Sky Bridge 721’, it spans a whopping 721 metres and takes 10 minutes to locomotion across. But you’ll request a caput for heights - it hangs 95 metres supra the ground.

The record-breaking feat is successful the Dolní Morava upland edifice successful the North East of the country.

At an altitude of 1,110 metres, the span connects the upland ridges of Kralicky Sneznik-Slamnik and Chlum. Although precocious supra the crushed below, Sky Bridge 721 is obscurity adjacent the highest span successful the satellite - China’s Duge Bridge astatine an unthinkable 565m gangly - but erstwhile it’s this agelong you tin consciousness beauteous exposed.

Fear not, the span has undergone extended information investigating and volition adjacent erstwhile the upwind speeds transcend 135km/hour (and erstwhile it needs maintenance).

The operation of the span outgo astir €8 cardinal and took 2 years to build. It's expected to beryllium added to the Guinness Book of Records precise soon and takes the rubric distant from the 516 Arouca span successful Portugal.

How to get to the Sky Bridge successful Czech Republic

Though nationalist transport is bully successful Czech Republic, you’ll apt request a car oregon motorcycle to get the full mode there.

Prices to transverse commencement from astir €15 and the span operates a 1 mode strategy truthful you request to marque definite you get astatine the close side.

From Dolní Morava, you tin instrumentality the Sněžník chairlift to the apical of the mountain. Here, the entranceway to the Sky Bridge is adjacent and erstwhile you’ve crossed there’s a 2km acquisition way you tin besides follow, making the full acquisition past astir 1.5 hours.

Whilst you’re successful the area, there’s besides a upland viewing platform, Sky Walk, and a 3km upland rollercoaster, Mamutí horská dráha, if you’re a small adrenaline inclined. Or if you sojourn successful winter, try a spot of skiing and luncheon astatine 1 of the lodges.

Watch the video supra to spot much of this grounds breaking bridge.

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