Want to meet other digital nomads? These are the most - and least - popular European countries

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From New York to Lisbon and Thailand, here’s wherever workers with wanderlust are tagging themselves connected Instagram the most.

If you could enactment from anywhere, wherever would you go?

The emergence of integer nomadism has seen much and much radical dispersed their wings; eschewing the bureau oregon WFH grind for a beingness of adventure.

If you’re turning the thought implicit successful your mind, you mightiness beryllium picturing a beachside country - typing distant successful a shaded cafe until you’ve cleared your inbox capable to soak up immoderate rays.

The day-dream mentation of you would beryllium forgiven for posting a drawback to Instagram. Something humble and wholly non-infuriating for your friends backmost home, similar #officefortheday.

But a trawl done the societal media app has recovered that digital nomads aren’t needfully hitting the seashore - galore are moving to large cities.

Researchers astatine resume.io, a CV gathering site, searched done thousands of posts featuring the hashtag #digitalnomad, and utilized geotagged locations to find the astir fashionable places.

It’s not a implicit representation - not everyone is documenting their lives online, oregon hashtagging successful English, aft each - but it gives an thought of wherever workers with wanderlust are heading to.

Where are each the integer nomads going?

The US is the astir fashionable determination with integer nomads, according to the resume.io team. They recovered implicit 210,000 posts with the self-identifying hashtag, much than successful immoderate different country.

According to Statista, the main nationality of integer nomads worldwide is American, truthful it looks similar galore nomads are choosing to support their travels stateside.

Spain is the 2nd astir fashionable state for integer nomads. With an authoritative distant enactment visa launched earlier this period - allowing non-EU nationals to enactment for up to 5 years, it’s apt to enactment precocious connected nomads’ lists.

Thailand came adjacent down successful 3rd place, followed by Mexico - though not each locals successful Mexico City are blessed astir it - and France.

Where are the astir fashionable cities successful Europe?

The findings aren’t groundbreaking, exactly. The cities with the astir Instagram-happy integer nomads are fashionable with radical much generally. New York is the integer nomad superior of the US and North America, portion London has the astir ‘vibrant’ integer nomad assemblage worldwide.

The UK superior has clocked up implicit 20,000 hashtags arsenic of this month. Though it doesn’t connection a circumstantial integer nomad visa - and rents are entity precocious - the city’s large culture, nightlife and restaurants are proving to beryllium a large gully for distant workers seeking a bully time.

Paris ranked next, followed by Barcelona and Lisbon. Portugal has precocious launched a caller one-year integer nomad visa, truthful if you’re yet to acquisition the metropolis of yellowish trams, gorgeous tiles and grilled sardines, this mightiness beryllium your ticket. Just marque definite not to annoy the locals excessively much.

With the objection of Athens (in 5th place) Europe’s apical 10 integer nomad hubs are each towards the westbound of Europe.

And with the objection of Funchal successful Portugal, the squad notes, each are capitals. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, successful tenth place, is the superior of 1 of Spain’s Canary Islands.

Quieter locations for integer nomads

If you’re reasoning astir making the integer nomad leap, it mightiness beryllium reassuring to cognize that these cities each person a thriving assemblage of like-minded travellers.

But possibly an abundance of different integer nomads isn’t what you’re after.

So it’s worthy knowing that the lesser-known destinations which weren't flooded with tagged posts see Madagascar, Uruguay, Ghana, Denmark, Nepal and Ireland.

All of these countries had little than 10,000 posts each. Though Uruguay is apt to get a boost with its caller integer nomad visa ensuring a creaseless modulation to South America.

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