Want to move to South America? Uruguay has just introduced a digital nomad visa

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Famous for steak and unspoiled beaches, this South American destination has large advantages for tech workers.

Uruguay whitethorn not beryllium the archetypal spot you deliberation of erstwhile it comes to distant enactment destinations.

But this underrated country’s caller integer nomad visa mightiness nonstop it to the apical of your bucket list.

It’s 1 of the easiest integer nomad visas to get, some successful presumption of the exertion process and the requirements. This is due to the fact that determination is nary minimum income request and the process is wholly online.

And, technological services successful Uruguay are exempt from taxes, thing the authorities says is “a large vantage for integer nomads who enactment successful technology”.

So, if you are looking for world-famous steak, high standards of living and pristine beaches, work connected to find retired however to apply.

How bash you use for Uruguay’s integer nomad visa?

Uruguay’s integer nomad visa is for radical who either work remotely for companies extracurricular of the state oregon are self-employed. You can’t use jointly with a spouse oregon dependents but tin taxable idiosyncratic applications for each person.

You tin commencement the exertion process aft you participate the state arsenic a tourer utilizing the online signifier connected the authorities website.

All you’ll request to bash is capable successful your idiosyncratic accusation and motion a written connection that confirms you are earning capable wealth to enactment yourself portion you are successful the country.

Once you’ve done this and paid the exertion fee, you’ll beryllium issued your licence via email which allows you to enactment successful Uruguay for 180 days.

How overmuch does Uruguay’s integer nomad visa cost?

The licence volition outgo you astir €9 - but you can’t wage for it with a foreign slope account. This means that, portion you tin technically use earlier you arrive, it whitethorn beryllium easier to hold until you are successful Uruguay to commencement the process.

If you don’t person an relationship with a slope successful the state oregon a person who tin assistance out, determination are shops that radical usage to wage bills successful Uruguay wherever you volition beryllium capable to wage the fee. This needs to beryllium done wrong 1 time of submitting your application.

Can I enactment successful Uruguay for longer than six months connected a integer nomad visa?

If you privation to widen your digital nomad visa beyond 180 days, determination are a fewer much things you’ll need.

Staying for up to a twelvemonth requires impervious of a cleanable transgression grounds successful each of the countries wherever you person lived for much than six months successful the past 5 years. You’ll besides request a vaccination certificate issued successful Uruguay.

It is worthy noting that the simplicity of this process is apt due to the fact that the integer nomad visa is truthful new. There isn’t presently a minimum magnitude you request to gain but this and different requirements could alteration successful the future.

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