Watch these incredible high divers jump from some of the world's most popular tourist hotspots

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Looking for immoderate antithetic amusement connected vacation this year? This unthinkable utmost athletics contention is touring each your favourite destinations.

The Cliff Diving World Series is back!

This adrenaline-fuelled worldwide circuit sees a radical of incredibly talented, but perchance mad, radical vie successful ultra-high diving events successful immoderate of the astir fashionable tourer destinations crossed the world.

This year, determination are six stops connected the circuit - including home of cliff diving, Mostar successful Bosnia and Herzegovina, past year’s favourite caller addition, Paris and a caller determination for this year, Takachiho, Japan.

If you haven’t heard of cliff diving earlier and privation to adhd a time of excitement to your holiday, this mightiness beryllium your caller favourite spectator sport!

What is cliff diving?

Cliff diving is 1 of the oldest extreme sports successful the world. It combines acrobatics, diving and the adrenaline of jumping from tremendous heights.

Olympic divers leap from a maximum tallness of 10 metres. In the Cliff Diving World Series the jumps are astir 21 - 27 metres and, due to the fact that they’re jumping into earthy water, it’s often a precise chilly landing.

Where tin I ticker cliff diving this year?

The archetypal halt connected this year’s circuit is Boston connected 3 June. The lawsuit volition beryllium held astatine the city’s stunning Contemporary Institute of Art.

Next up is Paris connected 18 June. The divers volition leap into the Seine with a spectacular presumption of the Eiffel Tower successful the background. Though jumping into the Seine mightiness not dependable appealing to astir people, this is 1 of the astir iconic settings of the circuit this year.

On 2 July the divers volition instrumentality to Polignano a Mare connected Italy’s confederate Adriatic coast. This stunning seaside determination of rocky coves provides a melodramatic backdrop to the awesome jumps. Though it’s not without its added challenges arsenic past twelvemonth competitors had to conflict with beardown winds.

August brings the archetypal of this year’s caller locations. On 3 August Red Bull volition marque Takachiho successful Japan its adjacent stop. The lawsuit volition instrumentality spot connected Kyushu island, Japan’s 3rd largest land which is known for its progressive volcanoes, beaches and earthy blistery springs.

Divers volition beryllium jumping into the flowing waters beneath the Takachiho Gorge, heavy into the mountains of Miyazaki prefecture. It promises to beryllium an unbelievable setting.

The 5th halt connected this year’s circuit sees the lawsuit instrumentality to Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina connected 9 September. Though the upwind is expected to beryllium a toasty 27°C, the Neretva stream is known to beryllium a peculiarly chilly landing, maxing retired astatine 7°C successful the tallness of summer.

Mostar’s Stari Most (Old Bridge) has a agelong past of ultra-high diving and - erstwhile this contention isn’t connected - tourists tin motion up to larn however to leap here.

The last halt of the Cliff Diving World Tour is the 2nd of this year’s caller locations. On 19 November the athletes volition dive successful the harbourfront successful Auckland, New Zealand. The country’s largest city, it is situated connected the northbound island. This determination promises to beryllium a beauteous one.

However it is expected to beryllium the windiest of this year’s events truthful it’ll beryllium a pugnacious situation for whoever wins this year’s tour.

Watch the video supra to spot a sensation of cliff diving successful action.

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