‘We got so many things wrong!’ – How we made Hey Duggee

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Grant Orchard, creator

Studio AKA wanted to bash a children’s bid and asked maine to bash it. The timing coincided with maine having 2 young boys, which makes you deliberation astir what you necessitate arsenic a genitor – chiefly clip to yourself. But if you are going to beryllium forced to walk clip watching TV, you astatine slightest privation to beryllium entertained.

When I was younger I utilized to beryllium portion of an organised outdoor enactment radical and I wanted to recreate it for TV, with a large large person who was precise avuncular. I wanted to marque everyone consciousness comfy with that environment, due to the fact that that would let america to bash thing we liked. We would tally retired of ideas beauteous rapidly if we stuck to 1 determination and 1 storyline.

I didn’t privation a soporific amusement that kids would ticker earlier bedtime. I wanted them to beryllium truly adjacent to the TV erstwhile it was connected – that’s however I sold it. At archetypal the amusement was going to beryllium called Chop Chop, but the BBC didn’t similar that due to the fact that it could travel crossed arsenic violent. And past we recovered retired determination was different amusement for older kids with that sanction astir ninjas.

Many radical remark connected the show’s Britishness, but I was a bigger instrumentality of American shows, and a batch of references are American. I was brought up connected a fare of drama of men dressing up arsenic women, truthful possibly it’s conscionable arsenic good that we don’t notation British drama arsenic much.

We’ve got truthful galore things incorrect implicit the years. One of them was astir apt the show’s structure, which is that erstwhile a occupation comes up, Duggee reveals that he’s antecedently encountered the aforesaid happening and has a badge for it, past the kids helium looks aft person to gain that badge. There volition beryllium a constituent wherever we can’t travel up with immoderate much badges. You spell done the evident ones precise quickly, and aft that comes a batch of lateral thinking.

One happening we’ve got close is that we wanted to leap the shark immediately. In The Rescue Badge, the archetypal occurrence we made, there’s a infinitesimal erstwhile a feline chases immoderate mice who thrust a car and speech successful voices similar they’re successful The Wild Bunch. The pursuit goes up a histrion but past the rodent takes a assistance successful the histrion trunk down again. That was questioned astatine the time, but I was adamant that we needed silly moments, due to the fact that if we restrain ourselves this is going to get hard truly quickly. Our amusement is precise silly. And it’s strange. And it’s somewhat surreal. I deliberation kids are good astir that.

I recovered my archetypal sketch of 1 of the characters, Happy, conscionable this weekend. It was dated 2011. That’s rather sobering, to realise I’ve been moving connected this for implicit a decade. Lots of radical look to cognize the amusement now, whether they ticker it oregon not. Duggee was connected Strictly the different day, for nary evident reason. But that’s a bully level to be, I think. A cameo connected Strictly.

Lucy Montgomery, assorted voices

Grant archetypal saw maine successful the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood with my children 1 day, portion helium was determination with his kids and it indispensable person jogged thing successful his memory. He seemingly thought, “Maybe she’ll bash this caller amusement I’m moving on”. I went successful to audition for it , and vomited each accent I could astatine him to spot what helium liked. I cognize voiceover enactment astir apt sounds similar speechmaking for money, but fto maine archer you, determination is much to it than that. If you don’t travel retired with bloodshot eyes and truly sweaty headphones, you haven’t done it right.

‘A spot  of Kathy Burke and a spot  of Catherine Tate’ … Chew Chew the panda.
‘A spot of Kathy Burke and a spot of Catherine Tate’ … Chew Chew the panda. Photograph: BBC Studios/PA

I’ve mislaid number of the characters I voice. I’m inactive playing Chew Chew the panda and Hennie the ostrich. I’ve been Spanish chickens and I’m definite I’ve played immoderate chipmunks. And Katarina the singing flamingo, I emotion singing songs arsenic her – Grant has fto maine go a popular star. There was a Katharine Hepburn-style antelope golfer, too. That’s the superb happening astir Grant. I’m not conscionable playing immoderate golfing animal. He’s like, “Can it beryllium Katharine Hepburn?” His references are truthful amazing. We did an Apocalypse Now episode. The children watching it bash not yet cognize what they have, but successful years to travel they’ll spell “Oh, that was what that was.”

Grant is simply a precise gentle benignant antheral but helium knows precisely what helium wants. He’s the 1 who lays down each the usher tracks for erstwhile it’s being animated. All of Hennie’s vocal swoops, helium knows precisely what should spell where. He’s a megalomaniac erstwhile it comes to ostriches.

I’ve done tons of animation with beauteous people, but sometimes they volition accidental the astir irritating thing, which is “Can you conscionable beryllium neutral?” But with Grant it’s spell large oregon spell home. The voices request to punch through. Chew Chew, for instance, is simply a spot of Kathy Burke and a spot of Catherine Tate. Some radical person said she sounds similar Adele, truthful she could astir apt bash it alternatively of maine if I died.

Hey Duggee has specified assurance astir it. Every occurrence is simply a tiny masterpiece. I bash privation my kids had been younger erstwhile it came out, due to the fact that present they’re somewhat excessively aged to admit the phenomenon. Even David Bowie’s lad tweeted astir it. That’s beauteous cool, isn’t it?

Hey Duggee airs regular connected CBeebies. Hey Duggee: The Live Theatre Show is astatine the Mayflower Studios, Southampton until 10 December, the Royal Festival Hall, London 14 December – 8 January then tours.

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